Bluehole is a developer and publisher that’s best known for their hit, “Battlegrounds.” They have also developed MMO games, “Tera” and “Devilian.” The company is currently working on an upcoming MMORPG called, “Ascent: Infinite Realm,” also known as “A:IR.” The game is being published by Black Desert Online's Kakao Games.

Open-world game with steampunk environment

"A: IR" is an open-world game in a steampunk setting with fantasy elements. The game features realm-versus-realm aerial combat, classic sword and sorcery gameplay, and mecha. Bluehole states that the game takes place in a world where machines and magic rule.

The people rely on flight to explore, travel and conquer.

In PvP mode, players have various flying vehicles at their disposal, along with a variety of weapons such as cannons and mines. In RvR, you can take turns to lead offensive and defensive efforts using several flying vehicles. Players can also join the fight from below with anti-air artillery to fight threats in the air.

Bluehole released a five-minute trailer displaying gameplay. In the video, you can see dragons, “Mario Kart” style barrel races, and several action-filled scenes.

Airships, gliders, and jetpacks

Players will be able to customize their airships and choose between a variety of five different classes. They will also be able to create their own quests.

The classes are Sorceress, Mystic, Warlord, Assassin, and Gunslinger. Sorceress is the master of Arcane arts and commands an arsenal of elemental magic.

Mystic commands the power of nature and aids team members by healing and attacking from afar. Warlords yield huge weapons and are usually located in the front of battle. Assassins are lethal and will kill without remorse.

Gunslingers have unflinching resolve and attack with powerful blasts, turning fights into their favor.

Players aren’t restricted to just airships, they can use gliders, jetpacks, and other means to travel the world. They can also use them for combat, as seen in the trailer video. Although there are several opportunities to engage in combat, the game isn’t just about fighting.

Players will also be able to engage in travel quests, resource gathering, and build your own house on land.

Players can gather additional resources by partaking in recreational activities such as fishing, cooking, and alchemy. There are also mini-games like gliding through rings to get the best times.

Bluehole has already started recruiting testers for its Korean version and plans to start testing early next month. The test is going to have all five playable characters. They will also be able to play around with numerous airship vehicles and mechs for the RvR battlefield.

A release date hasn’t been announced yet.