Studio Wildcard's adventure survival game that is "ARK: Survival Evolved" has been well-received by the gaming community. With the success of the dino-themed title, the developer may well seem to have long-term plans for the game, one of which is the possibility of it being ported to Nintendo's versatile console.

Devs thoughts on Switch

Wildcard's Co-Founder and Creative Director Jesse Rapczak recently sat down with GamesIndustry and was asked as to whether "ARK" would be gracing the Nintendo Switch. He stated that Wildcard is very much interested in the console adding that they are as of late brainstorming some ideas and see which among those would be viable for the platform.

However, Rapczak further explained that there's still a lot to do for "ARK" to be deemed playable on Switch. One of the factors that he pointed out is the game's memory. He made an assurance though that they won't set aside the Switch console.

'ARK' Part 2?

Rapczak also spoke with DualShockrers as he talked about the game's possible sequel. He revealed that in a relatively near future, Wildcard will be back to the drawing board making a sequel for "ARK." He then clarified that they are not yet working on a sequel to the game. Rapczak went on stating that as they go down the line over the next year or two, the title needs to have a follow up at some point.

Meanwhile, it can be recalled that Wildcard recently rolled out a new dossier where it featured another "Aberration" creature.

Nonetheless, quite a number of fans have figured out that this is the massive Cave Crustacean that was teased during the expansion's announcement a couple of months ago.

As for "Aberration," Studio Wildcard assured its player base that the long-awaited segment of the game will be released sometime this year and the developer has yet to announce a definite date for its release.

Fans might remember that awkward moment during this year's TwitchCon where Jat and Jen broke the sad news that the DLC will be bogged down for some weeks.

The gaming community of "ARK" is still doing pretty well as of late. In fact, an average of 40,000 players are concurrently playing the game daily with its peak reaching as high as 56,000 per Steam's Charts. Now that Aberration will be rolled out anytime soon, it is expected that these numbers will grow by the time the expansion is released. Check out a gameplay video of "ARK: Survival Evolved" here: