The popular augmented reality game “Pokemon Go” recently received an unexpected update. A few days ago, Niantic Labs announced an update might be released within this week. Since then, trainers started speculating about a potential Thanksgiving Event that might be launched just in time for the holiday. The latest patch introduced few surprise additions to the popular augmented reality title. This includes some eye-catching new outfits from the Alola region. Here is a rundown of what you might have missed following the latest game update.

Thanksgiving event

During the weekend, “Pokemon Goannounced the release of a new update that will be rolled out in the game. Initially, several fans thought that the upcoming patch would upgrade and tweak the previous version of the game that was not rolled out in the early part of November because of performance issues. However, some trainers were intrigued by the timing of the update. Speculations started to spread that Niantic Labs might include in the upcoming update a new event.

Fans are used to celebrating events in the game during real-world events. The game developer would occasionally run events in connection with major US holidays. Last year, to celebrate Thanksgiving, players enjoyed a Double Stardust and Double XP event.

It was also during this time that Niantic Labs released the non-legendary creature with unusual replicating ability — Ditto.

New additions

While the Thanksgiving event is not yet announced, fans are eagerly waiting for its potential announcement anytime soon. Meanwhile, the latest update introduced several new additions to the popular augmented reality game.

Niantic Labs added new avatar outfits from the Alola region in the game. This is to celebrate the upcoming release of “Pokemon Ultra Sun” and “Pokemon Ultra Moon” in the Nintendo 3Ds family of systems.

Niantic Labs and the Pokemon Company have been collaborating in the past. So far, the addition of the avatar outfits in the augmented reality title is the latest project of both companies.

Players can now clothe their avatars with tropical attires worn by both the male and female main characters in the latest “Pokemon Ultra” titles. While the new outfits are introduced in the latest update, there is no bonus attached to it.

Other details

Aside from speculations about the upcoming Thanksgiving event in “Pokemon Go,” there are also several trainers claiming that the game developer might release another Legendary creature alongside the upcoming event. It is worth noting that in the previous data mining activity, it was discovered that the CP values and stats of Ho-Oh have been nerfed. This is always one of the strong indications that a pocket monster is being prepared to be released.