Blizzard has worked really hard to bring many "Overwatch" updates lately, and players are excited to finally get their hands on the latest in-game additions. The game developer added a new support hero, Moira, just a few days ago, and they already have another update ready! The new update is currently being tested on the game's Public Test Realm, so we can expect it to be released to live servers later this week.

The biggest addition the new update brings us is Blizzard World map, which is simply amazing! Two months after releasing Junkertown, Blizzard brought us a new map, and this one could be a fan-favorite map.

While "Overwatch" players are excited about this new map, there are a few things they will hate to see. Namely, these are the latest nerfs that affected five in-game heroes: Winston, Reinhardt, Zarya, Junkrat, and Moira. It's a sad day for tanks!

Nerf this!

The latest PTR update affects Winston's and Reinhardt's ability to retain momentum after using some of their abilities. Winston won't be able to retain his momentum after using Jump Pack to leap in the air, while Reinhardt's charging ability will be affected by this change.

In addition, Junkrat will not be able to bunny-hop after using his concussion mine, and Zarya can no longer hold the jump button mid-air to gain some momentum from the blast of her cannon.

Finally, Moira is also affected by the latest changes as she now requires more pin-point aim to lock onto her target.

Considering that three out of five heroes who were nerfed are tanks, it will make it more difficult for them to get back to their team after separating from them or dying. Getting no extra momentum doesn't seem like a big issue, but there is more to this problem than meets the eye.

The latest change will also reduce Winston's offensive capabilities as he deals damage to his enemies after he lands. The tank hero deals the most damage to the enemies closest to him, and considering that he is no longer able to jump as far as before, this will greatly affect his damage done with his Jump Pack ability.

More PTR changes

Blizzard has made numerous quality of life changes in the latest PTR patch as well. For example, players will now be able to see an enemy team immediately after joining a quick match that was in progress. They will also be able to mark all the items in Hero Gallery as seen.

Also, Moira's golden weapon will now give her golden finger tips and Bastion received a small change to his Null Sector skin.