Winston is an "Overwatch" hero who uses a unique weapon to deal damage to his enemies. While his primary role as a tank is to protect his teammates, he can be used for many different things as he can be mobile and deal damage to multiple targets at once. With massive health pool and the ability to escape from his enemies with a huge jump, Winston can be very tricky to kill.

In this article, you can read Winston tips against every single "Overwatch" hero. If you prefer watching these tips, you can watch the video by KarQ and xQc below. One general tip is to alternate firing Tesla Cannon and using melee attacks in order to deal more damage, save ammo, and prevent mid-fight reloading.

Offense heroes

When you see Doomfist using his ultimate ability, get to the middle of the circle and project the barrier there. Also, make sure you leap out of the circle with your Jump Pack ability. Try to get close to Genji by walking towards him and use Jump Pack when he tries to escape with his Swift Strike ability.

Leap towards McCree and use your bubble just before landing. The bubble will stop his Flashbang and you will be able to hide inside of it while dealing damage to the opposing hero at the same time. When Pharah is ulting, jump towards her and use the bubble to prevent her rockets from hitting your teammates. Play on the edge of your barrier when fighting against Reaper as he can deal massive damage with a full blast of his shotguns.

When fighting against Soldier: 76, try to leap behind him as the knockback effect will prevent him from running away from you. You can use your bubble around health packs to prevent Sombra from hacking them. If Tracer sticks her bomb on you, jump in the air and use your ultimate ability to prevent it from killing your teammates.

Watch out for Pharah-Mercy, though!

Defense heroes

Avoid Bastion at all costs! When fighting against Hanzo, strafe left-right to avoid taking full damage from Scatter Arrow. Make Junkrat think that he can kill you with his RIP-Tire, but use your ultimate just before he detonates the tire in order to survive and save your teammates at the same time.

Use Primal Rage and punch Mei while she's using her ultimate ability. You can also leap towards her to displace her ultimate ability and you can save your teammates with the knockback your leap does to her. Jump towards Torbjorn's turret and put down a bubble to prevent it from dealing damage to your teammates. Leap towards Widowmaker but to a 180-degree turn in the air so she can't headshot you. When you are close to landing, turn around again and use your Tesla Cannon to damage her.

Tank heroes

When D.Va is jumping out of her mech, use Primal Rage to knock her off the map and kill her. Winston's cannon and melee can deal damage through barriers, so use this against Orisa and her supercharger.

Use your barrier around Reinhardt when he is using his ultimate ability in order to stop it from dealing damage to your teammates and stunning them.

Jump between Roadhog and his hook in order to save your teammate. You will either take some damage from his shotgun or you will knock him back so he can't kill your teammate. When fighting another Winston, use the general tip to your advantage and alternate between a primary fire and a melee attack. When Zarya uses her ultimate ability on your team, use your bubble to absorb the incoming damage.

Support heroes

When leaping towards Ana, use your bubble mid-air to prevent him from using her sleep dart on you. As for Lucio, you can limit his Sound Barrier by surrounding him with your bubble so it doesn't affect his teammates.

Try to get between Mercy and the teammate she is healing. This way, you can damage her while she's flying towards the teammate and also when she lands.

Destroy Symmetra's sentry turrets by holding down Tesla Cannon and sweeping across area very fast. Place your bubble around Zenyatta when he is using Transcendence in order to prevent him from healing his teammates.