Holiday shopping is about to pick up as retailers prepare their respective discounts and deals to attract consumers this Black Friday 2017. Similar to other brands like Sony and Nintendo, Microsoft has a couple of its own for those looking for a new console. The Redmond-based firm has recently taken a step ahead of its competition by going next-gen with the Xbox One X. Their new game system promises 4K-gaming with HDR capabilities and more. This doesn’t mean that they have abandoned the Xbox One S altogether. I have collected some of the best deals being offered for the consoles, accessories, and its library of available games.

Xbox One X bundles for Black Friday 2017

Microsoft has gone ahead and manufactured what is supposedly the most powerful home console currently available in the market. It was officially announced a few months ago during E3 2017 and is designed to run all of the games currently available for its lower-end sibling. The company claims that the next-gen game console is capable of enhancing the older software to improve overall gameplay using its upgraded components

For those prepared to take the plunge toward what the future of console gaming can offer, you may want to check out GameStop. The retailer has an Xbox One X Bundle assembled for Black Friday 2017 that includes the standard console package, an extra red color wireless controller, Xbox Live membership good for three months, and a free surge protector for $572.99.

It should be noted that this deal does not really feature much in savings, but it does net buyers the rare all-red wireless controller.

A few lucky buyers will get a chance to own the Project Scorpio version of the next-gen console via Walmart. This particular model immediately sold out back when pre-orders officially opened for the system.

What makes this version unique is the inscription that says “Project Scorpio” on the body of the console and controller. However, its currently priced at $499, which is the same as the regular model.

More deals in time for Thanksgiving

According to Microsoft, they have officially priced the Xbox One S at $189.99 from November 23 to 27.

Its regular selling price is $279.99, which means buyers, can save up to $90 this Black Friday 2017. Some retailers have opted to include even more deals, like Kohl’s, which throws in a $45 gift card. Target gives buyers another $25 gift card, while the Microsoft Store gives away a one-month Xbox Game Pass and a Ubisoft game of your choice (five games to choose from). As for the software, most of the available discounts for multi-platform games are similar to existing ones advertised for other game systems.