"Overwatch" players love getting new heroes and Blizzard has done a fantastic job updating the hero roster. The game developer has been adding heroes nearly every three months, and the latest hero added to the game was Moira. Many "Overwatch" players wanted a new support hero and Blizzard delivered, adding Moira as the 26th playable character.

Considering that Moira is still new, many players are having a lot of troubles understanding how to play her and realizing her strengths and weaknesses. This article will cover some of the basics you should know about this support hero, so hopefully it will help you eliminate your enemies or heal your allies.

Moira is versatile considering that she can both heal and deal damage, but she can be very vulnerable if not used correclty.


Moira should be used on Assault maps, such as Temple of Anubis or Volskaya Industries. Because of her limited mobility, short-range skills, and her orb, this "Overwatch" hero is the strongest when fighting isn't spread out. As long as both teams are focused on one point and there isn't too much room around, Moira can make most of her skills.

Moira's Biotic Orb is most effective when in such places as it can bounce off surfaces and either heal her teammates or deal decent damage to her enemies.

While Moira is best used on defense, she can be very effective on offense as well.

Her abilities allow her to penetrate through choke points and help her team push further. Coalescence, Moira's ultimate ability, is one of the best "Overwatch" abilities for breaking enemy defenses. It allows her to penetrate through shiels and to deal massive damage to her enemies. Best thing? It recharges very quickly, so make sure you use it often and use it right!


Even though Moira can deal decent damage to her enemies, you shouldn't get too comfortable with her attacking abilities. The support hero will lose most of 1v1 fights and she won't be able to kill enemies unless her teammates help her.

This "Overwatch" hero is also very bad on the maps with a lot of high ground. Moira's abilities are not intended for long-range damage, so she won't be able to damage enemies who have a high ground advantage over her.

In addition, her low mobility is another big issue players have to deal with. Preferably, Moira players should stick to their tanks and avoid overreaching. While her abilities can be used to deal damage, she is primarily a support hero, not a dps.