Blizzard has apparently done a fantastic job with "Overwatch" since this video game has been one of the most popular games for more than a year. The biggest reason "Overwatch" is gaining so much popularity is the fact that a development team works hard to make the game balanced and enjoyable for everyone. Along with constant fixes and changes, Blizzard keeps adding new heroes to the game, making the in-game roster even more versatile and entertaining.

Next "Overwatch" update will bring another hero to the game, Moira. Moira was revealed during BlizzCon 2017, but Blizzard did not reveal her release date.

At the moment, the support hero is available on a Public Test Realm, but she will soon arrive to all three "Overwatch" platforms.

Moira release date

As stated previously, Blizzard did not officially reveal Moira's release date. However, the game developer gave us a taste. Blizzard will give players an opportunity to test "Overwatch" for free on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One this weekend, and while this won't be the first free-to-play weekend, it is important because it will bring the new hero.

The free weekend will start on November 17 and will end three days later. It will kick off around 1 p.m. EST, giving players more than enough time to test "Overwatch" and see how amazing it is. "For this free weekend, we're making Overwatch's full roster of 26 heroes and 16 maps available for play in a variety of modes, including Quick Play, Custom Games, and the Arcade," Blizzard announced on the "Overwatch" website.

Players who've played "Overwatch" since its release know that the original game had 21 characters. A few months after the game release, Blizzard added Ana to the game, followed by Sombra. The 24th "Overwatch" hero was Orisa and Doomfist was No. 25. Now, Moira will take her place as the 26th hero, and players will have a chance to use her on all three platforms before the end of this week.

Moira could be released sooner

While Blizzard announced that the "Overwatch" free weekend will include 26 heroes, there is a possibility that Moira will be released even sooner. Considering that the free weekend starts on Friday, the game developer has a few more days to release the hero.

Moira is a versatile support hero who can heal and deal damage. At the moment, many "Overwatch" players consider her overpowered, but there is no doubt that Blizzard will make a few changes in order to balance her.