A few hours ago, Blizzard released a new patch for "Overwatch," but it is currently only available on the Public Test Realm. The update is quite big and it adds a new map to the game, Blizzard World, as well as many other gameplay changes. While this update will be tested on the PTR for at a few days, "Overwatch" players cannot wait for it to be released to live servers as it brings some small, yet amazing changes.

Blizzard has been quite busy lately, adding a new map and a new hero to "Overwatch." While these are big additions and players look forward to them, the game developer has also done a great job listening to players' feedback and adding some minor changes that affect the gameplay in a big way.

In this article, you can read about some of the biggest quality of life changes "Overwatch" received with the new patch.

Moira's golden fingernails

Moira is the latest "Overwatch" hero and she was recently released to live servers. While she is fun to play with, many players wanted to see one small change to the character: golden fingernails. Buying a golden weapon costs 3,000 competitive points, so players want to get most out of it.

Since Moira is a caster who doesn't use a weapon, players wanted her fingernails to turn gold when they spend 3,000 points on this change. Fortunately, Blizzard listened to the players' feedback and changed her fingernails. I guess you could say they nailed it!

Mark all as seen

The new update allows players to mark all the new items in Hero Gallery as seen. This is one of the simplest additions, yet it will make things much easier for "Overwatch" players.

See an enemy team

When you join a quick game, you will now be able to immediately see the heroes on an enemy team.

This will allow you to pick the most suitable hero to counter the opposing team and win the game!

New postgame card

Blizzard has added at least one more new postgame card with the latest "Overwatch" update. This card will highlight the player with the longest average time alive, allowing other players to vote on it.

Bastion update

The new update will affect Bastion and his Null Sector skin. Before the update, Bastion's turret had an orange glow with the skin, but the update will change it to a red glow.

More customization

Blizzard will give "Overwatch" players even more customization options for their custom games. For example, players will be able to increase the duration of ultimate abilities or to simply make them infinite. Sounds fun? Give it a try!