It's been a few busy weeks for Blizzard as they added numerous great things to one of their most popular Video Games, "Overwatch." The game developer has worked extremely hard to bring "Overwatch" players the best experience, and beside adding a new hero, they added a new map. The new map is quite unique, but there is no doubt that players will like it, especially if they are fans of Blizzard's other games as well.

While the new hero, Moira, has been released to live servers, it will take a while for the new map to be released for everyone. The map is currently being tested on the "Overwatch" Public Test Realm, and the game developer hasn't given us any information regarding its eventual release date.

The new map is currently playable on the PTR, so start your game up if you want to test it. For those of you who can't play on the Public Test Realm, keep reading for more details regarding the new "Overwatch" map.

Blizzard World 'Overwatch' map

Blizzard World is the new "Overwatch" map and it was announced during BlizzCon a few weeks ago. This will be the fifth hybrid map in "Overwatch," but it will be quite unique as it based on a theme park. Blizzard used this map to introduce their other games, such as "World of Warcraft," "Diablo," and "Hearthstone" to "Overwatch" players.

"Charge the gates of Stormwind, sneak through the Nexus Experience, and guide the payload through areas filled with high ground, flanking routes, and environmental hazards.

Grab some Blizzard-inspired snacks at the concession stand along the way," is what Blizard posted in the latest patch notes. If you play other Blizzard games, you are probably familiar with some places that are featured on the new "Overwatch" map.

In addition, the game developer revealed there are many easter eggs from the other games in Blizzard World.

This map will be a treat for every fan of Blizzard games, and it might easily become one of the fan-favorite maps!

Blizzard-themed 'Overwatch' skins

Releasing a Blizzard-themed map was just the first step of introducing other Blizzard games to "Overwatch" players.

The game developer has a great plan to keep doing this as "Overwatch" players will soon get Blizzard-themed skins.

These skins won't be available soon as it appears that Blizzard will release them early next year. However, there is no doubt that it will be worth the wait as these skins will be the most amazing skins in "Overwatch!" For example, Widowmaker will be given a Nova skin from "Starcraft 2," Doomfist will look like Blackhand from "World of Warcraft," while Zarya will receive a skin inspired by "Diablo."