Blizzard has done a fantastic job revealing "Overwatch" lore to the Video Games players and fans. Whether it's done through animated shorts or through comics, the game developer has found interesting and unique ways to give "Overwatch" players more details about the in-game characters. We don't know everything about "Overwatch" hero, and that is why many fans of the game are interesting in knowing some specific things about their favorite characters.

"Overwatch" lead writer Michael Chu is responsible for these amazing characters and their background.

Thai gaming website Online-Station recently held an interview with the lead writer and he was asked a very unusual question regarding one of the characters. The question was about Genji and the "lower half" of his body. Very intriguing, right?

Genji's 'lower half' is intact and normal!

Online-Station had a couple of questions for Michael Chu and for Renaud Galand, who is a lead character artist for "Overwatch." One question that stood out was the question about Genji, his cyborg body, and his lower half. Tumblr user Nalinrut​ translated this question from the gaming website, and it turns out that Michael Chu was asked if Genji's "lower part" is also cybernetic paraphernalia. If yes, would he have any trouble going to the toilet?

"If you look at Genji's Blackwatch skin, you could see that part of his body is missing, but I confirm that his 'lower half' is still intact and normal," is what Chu replied.

So, there is the answer! The mystery has finally been solved. As it turns out, Genji's heart is not the only part of a man that's still inside him. His lower part has not been completely replaced by robotic limbs, which is probably a great thing!

Other questions

Michael Chu and Renaud Galand were asked many more questions, and one of the most interesting questions was regarding another animal character, beside Winston. Chu said there was Jetpack Cat, but it was canceled, even though he really liked it.

Chu also teased fans with the idea of getting a Thai character in "Overwatch.

" He also said that we might see more of Queen of Junkertown, but she may not be a playable character. In addition, Galand said that they haven't designer her yet and all they have is a poster of her in Junkertown.

Chu was asked about an "Overwatch" movie and if there is a plan to make it happen. He said they were interested in doing it, but they are focusing on animated shorts and comics at the moment. "World of Warcraft," another huge game by Blizzard, was turned into a movie, so it won't be surprising if we see "Overwatch" in movie theaters!