Mccree is one of the best damage dealers in the game as his revolver is capable of dealing massive damage. However, this Hero has a high skill ceiling and has to be used correctly in order to be effective in "Overwatch" matches.

In this article, you can read McCree tips against every other "Overwatch" hero, including McCree himself. If you prefer to watch a video instead of reading, make sure you check the video below. The tips were brought to you by KarQ and Surefour, who is one of the best damage-dealing players in "Overwatch."

One general tip for McCree is that you can cancel his reload animation with a flashbang.

Offense heroes

When going up against Doomfist, you can stun him and get a few quick headshots by using a flashbang during his Rocket Punch and before he hits the ground with Seismic Slam. If Genji is deflecting, throw a flashbang above his head, but if he is in the air, throw it under him. If the hero dashes through you, stun him and turn around for an easy kill.

When playing against other McCree, it's important to throw a flashbang right after the other McCree does it. This will allow you to get a headshot on him right after the flashbang effects wears off. If another McCree is too far for a flashbang, make sure you strafe left-right and avoid incoming bullets while you're dealing damage to the opposing hero.

Use your ultimate ability right after Pharah uses her jump jet as this will allow you to kill her shortly after. Similarly, use your Deadeye when Reaper goes into his wraith form as this will allow you to build up the skull by the time his animation is over. Try to force Soldier: 76 into using his Biotic Field then use your roll and a flashbang to get close to him and finish him off.

McCree is not really effective against Sombra, but you can try hiding in places where she can't see you, allowing you to flank her and take her down before she hacks your teammates. As for Tracer, if your flashbang is on cooldown, you can use a headshot-melee combo to take her down.

Defense heroes

There isn't much you can do against Bastion.

However, do not throw your flashbang at him while he is in his ultimate ability transformation as it will get him to transform faster. Do not challenge Hanzo in a long-range duel, but rather try to get him to come to you so you can flashbang him and take him down.

You can shoot Junkrat's RIP-Tire and eliminate it quickly, but do not use your ultimate ability on it. If you throw a flashbang at Mei just before she uses her ultimate ability, you can cancel it. When shooting Torbjorn's turret, make sure you get close to it, shoot it once, use your flashbang, and finish it off with Fan the Hammer. As for Widowmaker, do not fight against her unless she is in a close-to-medium range.

Tank heroes

You can stop the momentum of D.Va's mech by throwing a flashbang at it while she is ulting.

McCree can also cancel Orisa's ultimate by using a flashbang just before she pulls her supercharger out. When it comes to Reinhardt, McCree should throw a flashbang above his shield or throw it at him while he is charging. In addition, you can roll behind his shield and stun him.

Do not use your flashbang on Roadhog before he heals himself. When fighting against Winston, shoot him mid-air and use a flashbang when he lands to prevent him from using his barrier. If you go up against Zarya, try to stun her while you are in front of her since she has a bigger hitbox than when you do it from her side.

Support heroes

If you have to use your ultimate ability and Ana is nearby, try to bait her into using her sleep dart by strafing left-right.

You can also cancel Lucio's ultimate by stunning him before his animation ends. Just like with Zarya, you want to stun Mercy while you are in front of her. Additionally, use your ultimate ability while she uses hers as it will allow you to get a quick kill.

Try to throw your flashbang over Symmetra's barrier to get a chance at a quick kill. Try to stun Moira when she uses Coalescence to cancel it and kill her. Use Deadeye during Zenyatta's ultimate ability to try and get a few free kills.