Children are supposed to be a bundle of joy for those who want them. They represent the future; they grow up to pass on our legacies to others. But some children will make us rue the day we ever brought them into this world. There are many bad seeds out there, but the ones you really hate are the ones that frighten you to death.

Horror Fiction has taken advantage of this fear, sowing the dark seeds for our frightful entertainment, and games are no exception. Here are the Top 5 creepiest children In Video Games!

5. Betty (Fallout 3)

Bethesda's post-apocalyptic world of "Fallout 3" is full of unsavory characters whose appearances can range from the innocent to the monstrous especially children.

But the one that is by far the creepiest of them all comes in the form of Betty, a little girl that seems like an angel on the outside but is a pure devil on the inside—and one of the creepiest children in video games.

As the game's protagonist on a quest to find his/her lost father, the player will encounter this fiend in Tranquility Lane; a virtual reality bound haven from the nuclear wasteland that appears as an untouched 1950's suburbia complete with houses, cars, street and lovable neighbors. The only problem is this community is under the control of a devious gremlin that takes pleasure in torturing its inhabitants with sick and dangerous pranks; Betty. And in order to leave this virtual hell and find their father, players are forced to complete grim tasks for Betty that will shake up the community for her own amusement.

But that's not what makes Betty so creepy.

The true horror of Betty is the fact that she isn't really a child. In fact, she isn't even a she. Rather than completely spoil the surprise, let's just leave it at that.

4. Little Sisters (Bioshock)

The Little Sisters from "Bioshock" are disturbingly adorable; glowing-eyed girls who dwell in the war-torn underwater city of Rapture.

Once, normal children, they were abducted and genetically altered to produce the superhuman making substance called ADAM in their bodies. But ADAM would quickly become the root of all evil, resulting in the societal collapse of Rapture and the Little Sisters being hunted down and mercilessly butchered by their fellow denizens over the precious resource in this video game.

The process seems easy at first since the creepiest children of Rapture appear vulnerable and carefree despite their surroundings. But each is accompanied by a hulking protector known as the "Big Daddy" that will drill a hole in any fool who dared to harm his daughter. The innocence and affection of the Little Sisters quickly vanish with their way of handling their ADAM. They must regurgitate the substance for external use. And if they run out of their own ADAM supply, the Little Sisters must use a syringe to extract the substance from corpses across Rapture.

Disturbingly adorable indeed.

3. Scissorman (Clock Tower)

The nefarious Scissorman of the "Clock Tower series" is an icon among survival horror villains.

Though the character became a mantle passed onto different characters as sequels were made to s satisfy the growing fan base, the first incarnation stood out for being one of the creepiest children in video games.

Bobby Barrows was the young son of Mary and Simon Barrows and was a serial killer who carved up guests of his family mansion with a pair of giant, crooked shears. His deformed appearance alone struck fear in players as he was depicted as a small hunchbacked figure with a skeletal face who moved with an awkward limp while snapping shears frantically as he hunted his victims down.

Though the first game doesn't hold up that much to survival horror games of this century, the appearance of the first Scissorman and the sound of his shears slicing flesh still manages to grate on players' nerves.

2. The Pack (Dead Space 2)

"Dead Space" is notorious for being the most frightening series of survival horror games set in space. The alien parasites known as the Necromorphs get their thrills by hijacking and reanimating human corpses to stalk the living. No one is exempt from these carnivorous necromancers of deep space. Not even children.

There are many types of child-like Necromorphs, but "The Pack" featured in the sequel takes top honors. They are the reanimated corpses of small children that attack in a swarm. Though their mutated features are only minimal (skin discoloration and sharp bony claws), everything else about them is spine-tingling. They can run fast and leap considerable distances to reach their prey.

What's worse is the fact that encounter one at a time throughout the game is rare.

When you happen upon a group of them, it must be fought in an area where there are few escape routes. So crowd control and avoiding cornering are key when dealing with them. In fact, that should be taken as mandatory for dealing with the creepiest children in video games.

1. Alma Wade (F.E.A.R.)

Alma of the horror-fueled shooter "F.E.A.R." takes top honors in the list of the creepiest children in video games. At first glance, her appearance as a barefooted little brunette girl dressed in red doesn't seem as grotesquely looking as Scissorman and she doesn't come off as sickly witty as Betty. But what Alma lacks compared to the others on this list is easily compensated with God-like psychic power.

Rubbing this little monster the wrong will earn her victims the chance of being obliterated by a mere thought - but that's just an act of mercy. Alma will also toy with here enemy's sense of reality by implanting bone-chilling images of herself into their minds. And once Alma enters the mind of her foes there is no escape from her twisted nightmarish world.