Video Games compose of a lot of things, whether it be its gameplay, story, settings, music, characters, and more. These elements can make or break a game along with setting up its overall vibe. For horror games, having creepy characters is almost a must as they’re pretty much responsible for scaring fans. There are a lot of scary creatures in video games, but here are some of the terrifying monsters so far.


Laura appears in “The Evil Within” as a recurring enemy in the series. If Sadako doesn’t look bad enough for you, imagine her with four legs.

Laura stalks the player in a slow-like fashion, but she can also teleport short distances to keep up with you. If you’re within her range, she’ll grab you and instantly kill you. While you can fight Laura for a good amount of brain gel and ammo, you’ll be wasting a lot of bullets just to take her down. Instead, try burning her as fire is her only weakness. This also alludes to her tragic backstory where the “real” Laura died in a barn-house fire. Laura also appears in “The Evil Within 2” which has just released.

Mr. X

Despite being an old game, “Resident Evil 2” still has a lot of creepy moments. There are plenty of zombies, large spiders, lickers, and other Bio-Organic Weapons that are out to kill you.

However, the worst has to be Mr. X who appears in the second half of the story. This large monster is disguised as a hulking man dressed in a large trench coat. While he walks pretty slow, he has a lot of powerful moves that can easily kill you. What’s worse is that he’ll make it a point to surprise to the player by literally coming out of nowhere.

His most iconic moment is when he busts through the wall in the same hallway you’re walking in.


This iconic woman only appeared in the canceled “P.T.” game, but she’s left a big mark in the horror game genre. There’s very little known about who she or what she’s doing, but many speculate that she trapped the player in the house.

Lisa appears sporadically in the game, often catching players off guard. She can appear almost everywhere, from the bathroom to the winding corridors. If you get too close, she will possess and even kill you, so it’s best to stay away.

Twin Victim

These creepy twin-headed monsters appear in “Silent Hill 4.” Their bodies are cloaked with a black cloth while they roam through Silent Hill on their arms. Upon seeing them, they’ll stand still and point at your character. If you get too close, they’ll lunge and start clawing at you.