No one likes a #stalker. Period! These particular psychopaths take great pleasure in obsessing over select individuals. And they will do anything for that fix even if they have to chase their target to the ends of the Earth. Because of these habits, stalkers make for some great unnerving characters in #Video Games. For example, here are the #Top 5 Video Game Stalkers...

5. Amy Rose (Sonic the Hedgehog series)

On the surface, Amy Rose seems like an innocent hedgehog girl who just has a crush on Sonic the Hedgehog. But one can still argue that she is a stalker since she can't accept simple rejection.

When she tries to chase after Sonic's heart, n other fohe doesn't want to slow down. Ironically, the only time the blue jerk ever showed a female any attention was with the human Elise in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) game. But Amy remains undeterred, and at times can get a little too obsessive with her quest.

Amy has not only chased after Sonic's heart in almost every game they were featured in together, she even tried in other forms of media including the comic books and the animated series adaptation Sonic X.

4. Songbird (Bioshock Infinite)

Bioshock Infinite is loaded with horrifying enemies that range from the twisted human kind to the nightmarish mechanical kind and a merger of both. Although all foes are equally relentless in their former captive Elizabeth and her liberator -- and the game's protagonist -- Booker Dewitt, there is one mechanical enemy that takes it to a whole new level; the Song Bird.

This huge, metallic bird-like monstrosity has served as both Elizabeth's protector and warden; keeping her safe while confined in a tower within Columbia.

Part man, part machine, Songbird was designed to feel betrayed if it's captive was to ever escape. And that's exactly how Songbird reacts when Booker succeeds in liberating Elizabeth.

3. Scissorsman (Clock Tower series)

The Clock Tower series is synonymous for its recurring antagonist called Scissorsman who had a murderous obsession for the protagonists that went on throughout the course of most of the games. Scissorsman's modus operandi involved stalking and mutilating his prey with a giant pair of shears.

Hence the name. The first incarnation of this stalker was Bobby Burrows, a deformed child with a hunchback and mummified face. More incarnations would follow later in the series as the alias "Scissorsman" became a mantle passed down to other characters but the M.O. remained the same.

Confrontations with Scissorsman were very heart pounding and challenging given the fact that the player could not defeat the villain since they remained unarmed throughout the games. Instead, the player would have to run and hide or be resourceful by using objects to delay him.

2. Nemesis (Resident Evil 3)

Capcom's Resident Evil franchise has had it share of memorable monsters, but Resident Evil 3's main antagonist, Nemesis stood out for being a bona-fide #video game stalker.

Unlike the Zombies, Lickers, Hunters and other iconic Bio-organic Weapons (B.O.W.) created by the nefarious Umbrella Corporation, the Nemesis was a relentless juggernaut that pursued the heroine Jill Valentine throughout the entire game.

In its quest for Jill's head, Nemesis would crash through obstructions (doors windows and barricades), mercilessly knock its fellow B.O.W. out of its path, and even rely on a rocket launcher just to reach its target. And even if Jill manages to put Nemesis down, the damn thing would keep rising from the dead to continue the chase up until the final boss battle.

1. Slenderman (Slender series)

No fictional being in the history of folklore personifies stalking like the infamous Slenderman.

This urban legend centers around a terrifyingly lanky, faceless humanoid that spirits away victims in the night. To capitalize on the popularity of the myth, Parsec Productions developed the Slender series; a couple of indie games that turned the nefarious entity into the ultimate antagonist. In those games, Slenderman pursued his prey (the player) in the most unorthodox and frightening ways; standing motionless while staring at them with its blank face, teleporting to catch up to them, creating static on-screen when close by, and presenting them with one of the most eerie "Game Over" sequence when it finally catches up to them.

The first game called Slender: The Eight Pages was so effective with its creepy mechanics that it instantly echoed throughout the video game community, trending on social media sites like YouTube.