The latest updates for "Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet" reveal the official release date of the game on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the PC platforms. Bandai Namco Entertainment streamed a new gameplay trailer for the sequel that highlights the combat system and epic boss battles. The game's plot will take place in the fictional MMORPG, "Gun Gale Online."

The Japanese game publisher also announced four new playable "SAO" characters, four-person party gameplay, Bounty and Enemy players, and pre-order bonuses.

New 'Fatal Bullet' trailer

The new "SAO: Fatal Bullet" trailer revealed the character creation mode wherein players can customize their chosen avatar from gender, height, clothing, and weapons.

Players can choose their own fighting style from long range sniper tactics to close-quarters combat.

Players can use different weapons to fight enemy units and level-up such as handguns, machine guns, sniper rifles, and pulse laser swords. They will have a chance to team-up with other players online to form a four-person party. They can also join classic "SAO" characters such as Kirito, Asuna, Sinon, and Leafa during missions.

Sinon's gameplay will involve using her PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II as she can kill her enemies from a safe distance. Kirito can use his pulse sword to fight enemies and his handgun to distract them.

Bandai Namco used the Unreal Engine 4 for the sequel's stunning visual graphics and effects bringing the world of "SAO" to life.

The game publisher will launch "Fatal Bullet" in Japan on Feb. 8, 2018, and on Feb. 23 in the United States and Europe.

Players who pre-ordered the game will get the Silver Assault Gun and the original "SAO" avatars of Kirito and Asuna.There is also the "Phantom Edition" which comes with a Kirito and Sinon figures, and an official artbook.

New 'SAO' characters

The sequel will have four new playable characters from the anime novels, and they are Yuuki, Strea, Llen, and Pitohui. Yuuki was first introduced in the "Mother's Rosario" arc and she is the most powerful swordswoman in ALfheim Online. The latter's combat skills are so formidable that Kirito had a hard time fighting her one-on-one.

Strea is an original character from "Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment," and she befriended the heroes on the 76th floor of Aincard. Llen and Pitohui are also original characters from the "Alternative Gun Gale Online" novels.

Players will also encounter NPCs called "Enemy Players," who can also use guns on the field and they can attack in packs. The "Bounty Players" are special NPCs that players must hunt down during side missions. They are more powerful and dangerous than the Enemy Players, and gamers can obtain rare items, gears, and weapons for their capture.