Niantic Labs recently rolled out the much-awaited fix that “Pokemon Go” players have long been requesting. Several weeks ago, players complained about receiving only a couple of items from the PokeStops. Niantic Labs has finally fixed this issue in the popular augmented reality title that will enable trainers to take advantage of the most recent event fully. The game is now having a Halloween event where players can earn double Cadies for participating. There are also five Gen 3 pocket monsters that are now available for players to catch.

PokeStops fixed

In the game’s online forums, “Pokemon Go” players were ranting out about the bug on the PokeStops where they have experienced a decrease in the number of drops. There were numerous inquiries if Niantic Labs have made several tweaks in the popular augmented reality title’s PokeStops that players have not known of. Although the issue with the decrease in the drop rates of the PokeStops was not previously addressed, the fix that was recently rolled out proved that it was a bug and that the developer has not made any changes to it.

Although the bug did not affect all players, there is a big part of the player base that experienced the two-item-drop in the PokeStops. Most likely, Niantic Labs must have realized the scale of the issue to work out on a fix and roll it out to the game.


The most recent fix rolled out to the Pokestops of the popular reality title is plagued with speculations from the community. Several trainers believe that it might be a part of the developer’s move in turning the PokeStops into Gyms. Players call it GymStops, which stemmed from the previous Ingress where the developers introduced the Portals as a one-stop-shop for dispensing items and capturing points.

The developer has not yet responded to this speculation.

Other details

Meanwhile, while some players are happy with the return of the correct number of drops on the stops, several have reported that more rural PokeStops have been removed. This is another downside to players who are based on rural areas. Those who do not have frequent access to the urban hub will find it much harder to play the game.

Legendary Beasts

In other news, players have a few days remaining to catch the Legendary Beasts before they finally move in their third and final assignments. The next scheduled rotation of Raikou, Entei, and Suicune in “Pokemon Go” is scheduled to happen in the first week of November.