Bandai Namco Entertainment announced a new "SAO" game sequel called "Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet" for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms, along with a teaser and an eight-minute gameplay.

Gun Gale Online

Previously known as "PROJEKT1514," "Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet" will take place in a fictional MMORPG called "Gun Gale Online" and combining elements of a third-person shooter and online RPG. Players can assume the role of their favorite "SAO" characters such as Kirito, Asuna, Leafa, and Sinon, or create their own avatar to explore the world and play the story.

Just like the previous "SAO" games, "Fatal Bullet" will follow an alternate storyline separate from the canon materials used in the novels and anime series. While the Bandai Namco has yet to reveal the plot of the sequel, gamers can clearly see that the main focus of the story will be Sinon, since she is one of the protagonists in the "GGO" arc.

In the "Sword Art Online" novel, Sinon plays GGO in order to overcome her fear of guns after she killed a bank robber in self-defense when she was 9-years old. She met Kirito during the arc and two became rivals in the "Bullet of Bullets" tournament. Unbeknownst to her, Kirito is actually investigating a case involving a mass murderer killing players both on and offline.

Gameplay features

"Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet" will retain its RPG elements from the previous titles, but players will use guns instead of swords, spears, and bows, although there are pulse swords that can be used in close combat. Gun battle plays a large role in the sequel with unique and realistic designs resembling that of a sci-fi movie.

Gamers can choose their own fighting style in the game and use a large variety of guns from pistols and machine guns to sniper rifles, gating guns, and rocket launchers. Players can join parties to fight massive bosses, or go against each other in 4-on-4 online matches.

The Japanese publisher streamed an 8-minute gameplay for "Fatal Bullet" featuring all four playable characters.

Players can engage the monsters head-to-head from a distance using sniper rifles. Each character will carry only two guns and can explore a higher structure using a grappling hook.

Sinon's gameplay will involve using her PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II as she kills her enemies from a distance. Kirito on the other hand, will use his pulse saber to block enemy bullets and attacks them. He can also use his hand gun to distract opponents to get an opening.

Bandai Namco used the Unreal Engine 4 to give the game stunning visual graphics and effects, which lends realism to the textures and materials, further immersing players to the "SAO" world.

"Fatal Bullet" will launch in early 2018 for consoles and the PC.