Overwatch” hero Mercy is a complicated hero to balance in the game. Before her rework, many claimed that she was overpowered because of her ability to bring back a group of fallen allies. That said, Blizzard decided to change the hero, which prompted the same fans to complain about how overpowered she still was. After another recent nerf, it seems like people still have something negative to say about the Support hero.

No to pro?

According to GameRevolution, the “Overwatch” community is still extremely dissatisfied with Mercy’s kit. They claimed that the hero is still very much boring and requires little skill to play.

These players fear Mercy’s impact in the coming World Cup as it might make the tournament “dull to watch” and “off-putting for new viewers.” One Redditor compiled a list to why this new Mercy will ultimately ruin the esports tournament, starting by saying that she’s an incredibly overpowered hero.

Moreover, clutch plays like Widowmaker headshots won’t be as impactful since Mercy can simply resurrect them. There will also supposedly be much less flanking, and that two Mercy's in Valkyrie mode will just spawn countless revives and “endless stalling.” They will be the center of every fight and will boil down to which Mercy will die first.

In fact, most of these points seem to be extremely subjective as Mercy has taken quite a heavy blow since her nerf.

Blizzard hasn’t claimed that they would be making any other changes soon, but with all the complaining, it almost seems impossible to make her “balanced.” That said, maybe the only solution might be to finally include a new Support hero that can rival her abilities.

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In line with this, Heroes Never Die shares that seasonal content isn’t enough to keep players coming back to the game.

Blizzard has been creating these new events with skins that might entice players to unlock them, but it isn’t enough to keep them attached to “Overwatch.” So far, a year has passed, and they have only released four additional heroes and a small handful of maps. That’s pretty lackluster compared to other games that continuously get new updates to keep everything fresh.

Blizzard has also continuously shifted the meta for not much reason. It seems like they’re trying to create the illusion of “more characters” by moving heroes up and down the ranks, making the less popular characters see more play time. That said, BlizzCon 2017 is just right around the corner, so Blizzard should have a few surprises in store for their fans.