Capcom announced the release date of “Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.” According to the company, the “Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition” will feature several gameplay changes that will make the game more challenging. Players that already owned “Street Fighter V” will receive the arcade edition as a free update. Otherwise, players will need to buy it for $40. Capcom also confirmed that all of the contents from season 1 and 2 of “Street Fighter V” will still be included in the upcoming arcade edition.

Release date

According to Capcom, the “Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition” will be released on January 16, 2018.

Even though it is going to take some time, it will be a good opportunity for players to prepare as Capcom confirmed that the upcoming update will feature a lot of changes in the combat system. According to Capcom, players may need to relearn their favorite characters in the in the upcoming huge update as it will feature a new style of performing massive attacks. It will also give beginners a fair gameplay experience as the game is known to have tons of unforgiving hardcore players. The company also confirmed that they will reveal more information about the arcade edition of the game before its release.

New features

One of the main highlights of the upcoming arcade edition of “Street Fighter V” is the secondary V-Triggers, which will allow players to perform more devastating combos.

Capcom also revealed that the game will have a new game mode called the Extra Battle, where players must complete timed challenges. Completing Extra Battles will also reward players a lot of amazing costumes. There will also be a new Arcade mode, where players must choose from six different areas, which are all based on the original “Street Fighter” games.

Due to this, players can expect a nostalgic experience throughout the new game mode. The upcoming huge update will also feature a new Gallery, which will allow players to unlock hundreds of illustrations while playing through the arcade mode. The upcoming arcade edition will also feature massive improvements in the game's visualizations.

According to Capcom, the huge update will also feature much-improved color schemes for the user interface, as well as a revised in-game menu. The company also confirmed that it will change some special effects during battles. Due to this, players can expect a much better graphics for the game next year.