Game company Square Enix recently revealed two reasons why “final fantasy Brave Exvius” was successful after it was launched. Game Producer Hiroki Fujimoto stated in an exclusive interview with DualShockers that with over five million downloads outside of Japan and with collaborations with high-profile stars it was definitely a success.

The game producer also revealed more information about the mobile game like porting it to other platforms. The development team also discussed the chances of including other characters from other games as well in this big crossover.

Two reasons for success

Fujimoto revealed that there are actually two reasons for their mobile game’s success. The first reason was its control system, which was all about touch controls. Even though it was all touch-screen, it also allowed players to get immersed into the game with its full-fledged battle system.

The second reason was its exploration gameplay, which was reminiscent of the old “Final Fantasy” game titles. Players were able to visit different towns in different continents and explore vast dungeons. This made it a true title to the popular game franchise.

2D pixel art worked

Another factor that made the mobile game successful was its graphics that was based on 2D pixel art. This feature gave it a classic look of a traditional title of the franchise.

Its old fans felt nostalgic playing it, which garnered a lot of praise and also gave birth to its great visuals.

The newer generation that started to play after “Final Fantasy VII” got the chance to experience the old-school visuals and gameplay. As far as the game developers know, all of the players are enjoying its gameplay and visuals, despite the 2D pixel art.

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While the veteran players felt the nostalgia oozing from this mobile game, the new generation felt a bit strange playing it. This was a great opportunity for them to experience and discover the older designs of the franchise.

No plans for porting to other platforms

The development team clarified that there will be no plans to port this mobile game into other platforms.

They revealed that they were only improving the gameplay to make it more popular on the mobile gaming platform. Fujimoto said that he thinks it would have more players if it was introduced in other regions as well.

Considering other game characters

NieR: Automata” characters 2B and A2 were introduced recently in “Final Fantasy Brave Exvius,” which gained a lot of praise from the fans. Currently, they are considering bringing in characters from other Square Enix titles, but they cannot promise or give any details for now. They also said that they can bring their original characters to other mobile games, but it would only be limited to Japan.

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