Sony finally released its latest Firmware Update for the PlayStation 4, bringing minor revision to the features of the top-selling console today. The PS4 update v5.0 was first made available on beta meaning, not all PS4 players were able to try the update. Now, Sony has launched the update so everybody can utilize it today. But don't expect some major changes in the console as The Polygon reports that it only brings minor updates alongside few significant features.

What's included in update v5.0?

Some of the key updates included in the PS4 update v5.0 are the addition of features such as support for USB external storage and the practical overhauling of the "Family on PlayStation Network" feature.

In August, The Polygon detailed the features of the update wherein, Sony has included the permission of another adult or guardian to take control of the games underage members of the family play. Additionally, parents can now modify their parental control for each child that uses the PS4 console.

But the best feature, meanwhile, lies on Sony's apparent removal of friend notifications during playback. According to the latest news, players can now take control of their notifications, and by disabling the notification pop-ups during games, the instant convenience of playing without any disturbance is highly welcomed.

Additional features of the new update

For those who are looking for a more extreme notifications update, the PS4 update v5.0 also allows the player to customize the color of their pop-up messages, and enable privacy mode in order to hide these messages including the recipient and the message itself.

For Twitch streaming, players will be able to enjoy broadcasting games at 60 frames per second in 1080p resolution.

The beta version of PS4 update v5.0 began in August but before that Sony already started accepting sign-ups that will test the new update. Now, after two months of testing, the latest console update is finally coming to all PS4 users.

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