Everyone in the gaming community knows that the latest entry to the sensational God Of War series features a new Voice Actor for anti-hero and game protagonist, Kratos. Many fans were disappointed when they initially knew about Santa Monica Studio’s decision to replace the original talent Terrence C. Carson with Christopher Judge to fill in the titular character’s role.

Apparently, the studio seemed to have a good reason to make this call, although, it wasn’t quite an easy one. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the creative team behind the 2018 “God of War” revealed that the original actor was replaced because of his height.

The size difference

This conversation came about when the publication asked game director Cory Barlog about how Judge became the voice of Kratos in the newest installment of GOW franchise. According to Barlog, the need of a new actor was actually hinged on doing something the team wanted to do with a camera that was not going to cut away.

He cited that the game involves tons of scenes where two characters need to interact physically on the stage. The difference in size between Kratos and Carson is huge and in offsetting his size with that of Kratos’ son, Atreus turned out to cause some trouble with the animation.

“It was going to be almost impossible to try and actually shoot them and go in and redo the animations,” the game director was quoted as saying.

Additional tidbits

Meanwhile, Sony Interactive Entertainment Vice President of Marketing Asa Qizilbasz also shared some snippet of information regarding the next GOW game. Qizilbasz revealed that players can expect it to be the most brutal ever.

It features a combat system that is totally unique. Unlike the past three installments, it is no longer a battle of one-versus-many.

Moreover, the game developer further teased that in this new game, players will find themselves making hard choices. To a certain extent, gamers will navigate Kratos in aspects of guiding Atreus, which is imperative to the development of each character.

Seemingly, it could mean parenting stuff where, by nature, one does not only make decisions for themselves but that of the child’s welfare too.

New trailer reveals revenant

In recent news, SIE also launched a new trailer for GOW that showed off the horrifying Revenant, a type of undead who has the power to use magic. The teaser did not reveal a gameplay, however, it unveiled an excellent artwork.

It is also noted that while Draugr creatures are considered Revenants in classic Norse Mythology, the two are separate monsters in the game. Watch the Lost Pages of North Mythology trailer below.

“God of War” is an action-adventure hack and slash video game that is currently in development for Sony’s PS4 consoles. It is slated to be out in stores in early 2018.