PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” has achieved another milestone on the Steam charts. The battle royale title from BlueHole surpassed the two million concurrent players mark, setting itself as the King of Steam. The game has recently faced several issues from players who incessantly complained about the difficulty of logging into the game or getting cut mid-game because of server issues. While many anticipated that the battle royale title would lose its massive player base, the new achievement on Steam just proved it otherwise.

New record set

As of this writing “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” has recorded 2,041,534 concurrent players on Steam.

A few days ago it reached 1.8 million despite the launch of another battle royale title called “Fortnite.” If we try to dissect the statistics, it appears that the game was able to achieve 15,000 concurrent users in just 24 hours, excluding the millions of copies sold.

Dota 2,” previously the King of Steam, was not able to regain its throne recording 816,110 concurrent players at peak. In third place tailing after “Dota 2” is “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” attaining half a million concurrent players - or 580,308 to be exact. Other games following behind have not reached the 100,000 mark including “Middle-earth: Shadow of War,” “Rocket League,” and “Team Fortress 2.”

Aside from this impressive achievement, BlueHole’s battle royale title has also sold more than 15 million copies since it was officially released.

This is a remarkable feat since the game is still on its Early Access. The count regarding copies sold and in the number of concurrent players is expected to rise along the game’s development.

Other details

Meanwhile, the game is scheduled to release on Xbox One in the later part of 2017. It was also confirmed that the developer is discussing the possibility of extending the exclusivity of the game for the Microsoft console.

Aside from that, it was recently reported that the Korean developer is also having talks with Sony for a potential launch on the PlayStation 4. It was confirmed that the developer would like PlayStation 4 users to experience the game after it has consummated its exclusivity with the Microsoft console.

A few days ago, BlueHole issued a statement to its massive player base concerning the issues players experienced with the game’s servers.

The developer explained that they designed the battle royale title for the possibility of one million concurrent players. In June, the team started developing a new architecture that could cater to a higher number of concurrent users. However, BlueHole explained that the rate of the unexpected rise in players is faster than the rate of their development.

BlueHole assured players that there are doing everything possible to eradicate the issue. “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” is currently available on Early Access via Steam.