PlayerUnknown’s Battleground” is launching a new tournament in October. The event will feature popular streamers, including UFC superstar Demetrious Johnson. Lucky winners will take home interesting prizes, including a solid gold chicken.

PUBG” has made an interesting feat in the gaming world since it was launched for PC. Aside from breaking records on Steam, the game has sold 13 million copies in the span of six months. There have been several rumors that the game would soon venture into eSports. However, it seems that the widely played battle royale title from BlueHole is slowly becoming an eSport game much sooner than expected.

Golden Chicken Tournament

Another “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” tournament is scheduled to happen on October 14. This one of a kind invitational eSports tournament will feature streamers, popular gamers, and YouTubers. In addition, gracing the event is the UFC Flyweight Champion, Demetrious Johnson. Other streamers confirmed to be a part of the tournament are VirtuallyVain, StoneMountain64, Weak3n, and Alexich. These personalities will face off in a “PUBG” battle where the last streamer standing will get a golden Chicken. The upcoming event will be composed of three matches; it will have a couple of squad rounds and one duo.


Those who are interested can visit Uproar's official website – it is a service that hosts the upcoming tournament.

Aside from the golden chicken, prizes include a customized set of Saiyan Battle Vegeta Armor that is perfect for anime lovers. On top of that, there are 10-karat gold Chicken Dinner coins.

During Gamescom 2017, BlueHole conducted a similar event. The winner was awarded a frying pan – not the regular pan you use in the kitchen but a golden one.

The top finisher in the event’s solo rounds was the popular streamer Evermore. Aside from the golden frying pan, BlueHole also gave out gold, silver, and bronze frying pans to the top three performers in the series of matches.

PlayStation 4

Meanwhile, BlueHole founder Chang Byung-gyu revealed in a recent interview with Bloomberg that the team is currently talking to major gaming consoles.

The founder confirmed that they are talking to Sony about the possibility of releasing a PlayStation 4 version of the game after its Xbox One release. The game will be available for Microsoft's Xbox One in early 2018.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” is currently available on PC. Those who are interested can get it through Steam Early Access.