PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” is recently the new casualty of a review-bomb on Steam. After breaking and setting new records for the PC gaming community, it has recently received a barrage of negative comments.

Several days ago, the battle royale title BlueHole was reported to have been extremely successful in total sales. The title was also able to sell 13 million copies in just a matter of six months. That's an impressive number of sales for any game being sold on any console in the market.


Despite the impressive feat of “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” in the gaming world, it becomes the latest victim of a review-bomb.

The term "review-bomb" refers to an occurrence on the Internet where a large number of players give negative user reviews to a particular game or product. Most often, it is done to force the developer or publisher to hear out players. There are times that review-bombing is done to troll. Most often, this practice is done to harm the sales of a particular game as negative reviews affect overall ratings.

PUBG” is not the only title that has experienced this Internet phenomenon. Several titles have fallen prey to his activity, including “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” in 2015 because of paid mods. “Nier: Automata” in 2017 also experienced a review-bomb by Chinese players demanding for a Chinese translation of the game.

The popular “Grand Theft Auto V” was a review-bomb victim from June until July 2017, when Take-Two Interactive issued a cease and desist order for the OpenIV mod tool.

Negative reviews

According to Dotesports, the Steam reviews that “PUBG” received for the first few months of its release were mostly positive. However, recently, it has received a tremendous number of negative reviews, which amounted to 20,000 in just the span of four days.

The reviews are mostly citing the inclusion of advertisements in the main menu of the game in China. Players are also not happy about the VPN accelerator ads since the game has no local servers in the country.

PlayStation 4 version

Meanwhile, a recent interview with Bloomberg reveals that BlueHole is currently talking to Sony about the possibility of the game’s PlayStation 4 version.

BlueHole founder Chang Byung-gyu said that they are currently talking to major gaming consoles. Chang noted that they are considering releasing the game on PS4 after it gets released on Xbox One. The game will officially launch on Xbox One in the early part of 2018.

It would be great news to PlayStation 4 users if “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” would be released on the Japanese console. Currently, the battle royale title is available on Steam Early Access.