Last year, Microsoft started a campaign called the Play Anywhere service that allowed users to have the option to play first-party games on the PC or Xbox One. Gamers were just required to purchase a digital copy of the game on any of the supported platforms, which then enables them to download a second copy on the other system.

This move was greatly appreciated by the gaming community as a big step toward flexibility and convenience. The company went another step further to enable cross-platform multiplayer between the two systems. Xbox head, Phil Spencer, has confirmed that they are interested to work with other companies like Sony and Nintendo to enable multiplayer access between different consoles.

Phil Spencer continues to talk with Sony

Among the two aforementioned companies, Nintendo was reportedly interested and willing to talk with Microsoft regarding a cross-platform interaction between their respective users. However, Phil Spencer admitted that Sony remains adamant about their stand to keep their system exclusive within their established online ecosystem. He confirmed during an interview during the Brazil Game Show that his company continues to persuade the Japanese gaming firm to possibly consider their request. According to Spencer, it is “a real struggle making comments about their motivation or timelines,” which seemingly describes Sony’s lack of interest in the matter.

Nevertheless, the Xbox executive pointed out that he is “never going to call anything a lost cause.”

For the benefit of all gamers

Looking at the bigger picture, enabling cross-platform interaction between multiple systems will be helping the entire gaming community, according to his team at Microsoft. Developers will have access to a larger population of users that will benefit from the reduced development time needed to create console-specific elements.

Gamers can also access a bigger network of users that have the same gameplay experience as everyone else. The scenario will reportedly create more opportunities for both parties.

Definitely not a technical issue

Gaming analysts initially pegged the reason for Sony’s reluctance to cross-platform gameplay as a technical issue.

Yet “Fortnite” proved otherwise during an unintended incident wherein multiplayer access was enabled between Xbox One and PS4 users. Sadly, it was eventually disabled as soon as the developer found out. On the other hand, Nintendo has agreed to enable cross-play between the PC and Xbox One for games like “Minecraft” and “Rocket League. ”Microsoft’s Phil Spencer apparently believes that this “can make the gaming business a bigger business.”