The latest updates for "Need for Speed Payback" will feature the absence of police chases during the sequel's free roam. Electronic Arts announced that players would have the option to turn off the car wreck replay camera in the game.

No cops in free roaming

Ghost Games community representative "F8RGE" announced that players would not be chased down by the cops during "Need For Speed Payback's" free roam mode as he posted in the game's subreddit tread that they can drive freely on the highways of Fortune Valley without worrying about the police.

However, police chases can happen when players triggered the bait crates in the game.

During these events, the player must reach a predetermined location within a given time limit instead of just evading the cops. F8RGE also added that players could add more seconds to the clock by going through police checkpoints. Police chases can only happen the game's story mode and side missions

F8RGE stated that "Payback" would have the most number of police chases in the franchise's history and the quality of these pursuits have been vastly improved rivaling "The Fast and The Furious" films.

Car wreck replay

Electronic Arts announced that players could turn off the car wreck replay camera features in "Need For Speed Payback" after reading several feedbacks from the fans when they played the demo at E3 2017.

"We began to investigate to see what was possible and we're pleased to confirm that car wreck cameras will be an option you control over. Keep them on or turn them off, the choice is entirely up to you," EA told VG 24/7.

The sequel will allow players to customize their cars not just in racing, but in certain environments that require them to adapt to any terrain.

They can change their cars for drifting, off-road, and drag racing, and earn more parts by winning races.

Players can also get their very own car from junkyards and build them up from scratch, but if they want to buy one with less difficulty, they can go to a car dealership in Fortune Valley. Dealerships specialize in selling new car kits and parts for Exotics, Muscle, Compact, Rally and Sports vehicles.

Rare cars can be unlocked by winning special racing events. Players can also buy garages and use it to store their cars, repaint it, change their parts, or even sell them.

EA Games and Ghost Games announced that players who pre-ordered the sequel would receive the Platinum Car Pack with an exclusive "Tire Smoke" DLC. The game will be available on Nov. 10 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC platforms.