Electronic Arts and Ghost Games just recently dropped the official launch trailer for its upcoming brand new "Need for Speed" installment, titled "Need for Speed: Payback." The trailer itself actually looks like a teaser for an upcoming "Fast and the Furious" movie, given its abundance of explosions, wildly fast cars, and a somewhat familiar storyline.

The plot setup

Similar to the big blockbuster films, the upcoming game's storyline will involve a gripping tale of "betrayal and revenge." Unlike the previous installments, which let players jump into the game as an unnamed racer, the upcoming title will apparently have a more structured plot with different pre-written characters.

The main antagonist for the upcoming game is a cartel called "The House," which has taken over the fictional city of Fortune Valley. The cartel is currently in control of the city's casinos, law enforcement, and most of its criminal activities.

Single-player gameplay

The single-player campaign will have players take the role of three different characters, namely the former street racer and exile, Tyler Morgan, the "showman," Mac, and the "wheelman," Jess. Each character will be playable across the single-player campaign, with each one having his and her own story and quests that will play a part in bringing down the cartel.

Within the game, players will be able to either purchase a brand new car or rebuild one from scratch using scrap and aftermarket parts.

The vehicles can then be used for races, missions, and other activities. Players are also given awards for aggressive driving styles in a unique "risk and reward" system that will also affect a player's rep within the game.

One of the biggest features that EA has outlined in its recently published press release is how players will be able to fully customize their own rides to make them truly their own.

A wide variety of customization options has apparently been included in the game, which will translate to hours of tuning to transform any vehicle into a one-of-a-kind supercar.

Further details

EA has announced that they will be offering a more in-depth look at the game during their upcoming EA Play event, which will be taking place in Hollywood on June 10.

" Need for Speed: Payback," the twenty-third game in the franchise, is scheduled to be released worldwide on Nov. 10 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. EA Access and Origin Access subscribers will be getting exclusive access to the game ahead of everyone else on Nov. 2.