The latest updates for "Need for Speed Payback" will feature a new way for players to turn their car into an incredible speed demon in the most recent Customization trailer.

A car masterpiece

Car Customization is nothing new to the "Need for Speed" game series, but the new trailer for "Payback" will showcase new ways for players to transform their car into a dream racing machine. Electronic Arts and Ghost Games were able to show-off a teaser of the car customization at E3 2017, but now the developers will give the full scoop of what to expect from the sequel's new improvements when it comes to custom vehicles.

Players can customize their cars not just in racing, but in certain environments that require them to adapt to any terrain. There are five classes for players to customize their cars: Race, Drift, Off-road, Drag and Runner. It will not be limited to just body kits; players can add several parts improve their car's appearance and efficiency on the road.

Winning races in "Need for Speed Payback" will earn players more car parts for their car customization. However, the most interesting about it is that players can actually look around the open world and bring in scrap metal cars. Similar to "Forza Horrizon 3," players can tinker around and turn a hunk of junk into a potential racing machine.

If players are having a hard time looking for cars with less difficulty, they can purchase one from one of the dealerships in Fortune Valley.

Dealerships specialize in Exotics, Muscle, Rally, Sports and Compact cars.

Part Shops are also featured in the game and can be found in multiple locations in Fortune Valley. They can use as an alternative to win specific car parts by doing certain events. Garages can be purchased by the player, as they can use it store their cars, repaint, change their parts, or even sell them.

Pre-order bonus tires.

EA and Ghost Games announced that players who pre-ordered "Need for Speed Payback" will receive the Platinum Car Pack with an exclusive "Tire Smoke" DLC.

The Tire Smoke DLC will offer the next generation of smoke rendering technology that will require an AMD Radeon RX Vega or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080, as it uses the latest DX12 and Vulkan APIs.

The tires in "Payback" will spin the wheels realistically that actually smoke will come out of it.

"Need for Speed Payback" will feature a "Fast and Furious" storyline, which will involve not only racing but also heist missions. The game is set to launch on Nov. 10 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms.