Rockstar Games dropped an awesome new trailer for the hotly anticipated western action-adventureRed Dead Redemption 2” last week. Shortly after, an interesting leak surfaced online.

The latest scoop suggests the return of a pivotal character and main protagonist of the first title. Not only that, it further revealed the game’s potential storyline.

The leaker’s post on NeoGAF indicates that John Marston will be back in the second installment of the “Read Dead” franchise. Marston will set up the story leading to the next set of events after the main title.

The potential storyline

In addition, the leaker included what looks to be the possible storyline of “Red Dead Redemption 2.” Players will take on the role of the next major character, a gang leader named Arthur Morgan.

Reportedly, the great change made to the new RDR title is that gamers will have a “posse.” Basically, this term refers to the body of men in a County whom the sheriff could summon to enforce the law, but in the game, it could just mean a gang.

Arthur meets John Marston

The story is claimed to begin when Arthur discovers that somebody in the outlaw gang is a Pinkerton spy. This is the time when the lead character is mostly on the run throughout the game. Along the way, Arthur meets John Marston who joins his gang along with other new members such as Abigail, little Jack, and others.

Interestingly, the leak also suggests that there is a point in the game where gamers can take control of their favorite character from the first game. They will gradually build a home for John and prepare for his family, which sounds quite exciting.

Core mechanic

Furthermore, the leaked information includes the core mechanic of the game.

Players will have to keep moving their outlaw camp from one place to another. While on a mission, they need to choose who to take with them, identical to the mechanic in “Mass Effect” or “Dragon Age.”

Also, it is noted that the game extends to five areas and they get a “directive” to make the environments more interactive just like in “Skyrim.”

Apparently, gamers know the nature of leaks well, where it could turn out to be legit or a fake.

While it sounds pretty cool to see a great character return in the second game, it is best to wait for an official confirmation from Rockstar Games.

For the time being, fans can watch again the awesome official trailer 2 below.

“Red Dead Redemption 2” is slated for release sometime in spring 2018. The game is currently deep in development for Xbox One and PS4.