Players participating in this year’s “League of Legends” Pick’Em challenge have only a few hours left to submit their predictions. The group stage of the 2017 World Championship has finally concluded and the winners are moving on to the quarterfinals. There are a total of 24 teams that participated in this year’s competition. Out of the 24 teams, 12 teams have to battle to reach the group stage of the games main event. During the play-in stage, eight teams are eliminated.

Now that the total number of participating teams is further reduced to eight, they will play in a best-of-five single-elimination bracket.

From there, one team will emerge as the 2017 World Champion. Here is a rundown of the latest happenings in the tournament to guide you in making educated predictions in Pick’Em.

Tournament Roundup

Group A of the “League of Legends” 2017 World Championship is unsurprisingly ruled by SK Telecom T1. Being the reigning world champions, much is expected from the team. However, in this year's tournament, there were several instances where they found themselves fighting against significant deficits and even dropping a game to rival AHQ. Cloud9 was on the brink of being eliminated after the Week 2 surge by Edward Gaming. The team started with a 0-3 record and managed their way back to a 2-3 record. However, SK Telecom T1 defeated EDG and stopped them from getting a tiebreaker with Cloud9.

In Group B, LongZhou dominated the cluster. The team, the LCK Summer champions, emerged undefeated after the group stage ended. North America’s Immortals was supposed to be the second top team in the cluster. However, Fnatic turned around their 0-4 record and was able to get into the playoffs.

Meanwhile, in Group C, Royal Never Give Up claimed the top spot with an impressive performance.

The team denied the 2016 runners-up Samsung Galaxy of the number spot by defeating them twice. The Chinese Royal Never Give Up team hopes to be the title challenger. Samsung’s wish, on the other hand, landed only second to RNG.

During Week 1, in Group D, Misfits, Team SoloMid, and Team WE were tied with 2-1 records. The LMS number one team Flash Wolves had no wins.

In the second week, Team WE dominated the group and ranked first. In the second place was the Misfits who denied Team SoloMid a place in the playoffs.


This year, two fan-favorite teams are not meeting until the finals, as Longzhu Gaming and SK Telecom T1 are on opposite sides of the group ranges. If both teams make it, it could be SK Telecom T1 making an attempt to avenge their defeat to Longzhu during the LCK Summer final. In the playoffs, Longzhou will face their fellow LCK group, Samsung. SKT will face Misfits Gaming. Team WE will fight against Cloud9 and Royal Never Give Up will face off with Fnatics.


Players have less than 10 hours left to make their final decisions in this year's Worlds Pick’Em, which is about to close.

Pick’Em is a two-part challenge where players make a prediction on how well the teams will perform during the 2017 World Championship. Players can earn four Ultimate Skins by turning in the extremely rare perfect picks and getting each of their pick correct. The Ultimate “League of Legends” skins available this year are Elementalist Lux, Pulsefire Ezreal, DJ Sona, and Spirit Guard Udyr.