A lot has been going on recently within the “OverwatchPublic Test Region (PTR). Participants have reported that Blizzard Entertainment has been making and testing several changes for Mercy. This presumably came from the large number of feedback from notable players regarding the healer’s most recent rework, which introduces several buffs that saw a big improvement over her pick rate compared to before. It appears that the development team is pleased with their most recent PTR build for the Swiss support character. A new update patch has been distributed across all available platforms that reflect her changes, along with some adjustments for other heroes.

Mercy was too good, according to ‘Overwatch’ players

Since the release of “Overwatch,” many top players considered Mercy an essential member of every team setup. However, as other support characters were introduced and existing ones were buffed, her pick rate noticeably suffered. Fortunately, the September 2017 patch had Blizzard Entertainment revisit her abilities and supplied her with useful buffs. Now, the latest patch seeks to balance her out even further. Upon activation of her Valkyrie Ultimate skill, she no longer gets an improved cooldown for her resurrection ability. Instead, the developers granted her an additional charge from the point when her Ultimate is activated.

With an extra charge for resurrection, players can now revive two teammates back-to-back.

Meanwhile, this also means that the number of times it could be used has been reduced. Prior to the patch, players would revive one hero then activate Valkyrie, which resets the skill, then resurrect another. It should be noted that the skill no longer resets after activating her Ultimate as well.

Other changes included

One other character who also received some balance tweaks is Lucio.

It was previously confirmed that bug caused him to slow down during his wall ride. The Brazilian DJ now gets a 65% speed boost right after the aforementioned action. Additionally, the online status on PC can now be changed to Away, Busy, Online, and Appear Offline.

Furthermore, Zenyatta gets more voice lines for his Cultist skin, which can be purchased or earned via Loot boxes this Halloween Terror event for “Overwatch.” Compared to the previous patch, this one is much smaller and mainly focuses on Mercy and keeping her balanced along with the rest of the cast.