Now that “Destiny 2” is out, it is interesting to see which direction Bungie is looking to take the game further. Interestingly, there are rumors about SIVA finally coming to the hit sequel. While this has yet to be officially confirmed by the studio itself, there are players who managed to obtain SIVA Easter eggs.

According to a YouTube channel called A Rifle Gaming, there is already a confirmation suggesting that players will soon be encountering it in “Destiny 2.” Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

SIVA Strike already confirmed?

The first glimpse of SIVA in the sequel was back in the Guided Games trailer, particularly in the description of Nightfall.

It says, “SIVA-corrupted Fallen have made their nest inside a crashed ship. We cannot allow SIVA to gain a foothold here.” Although this was before the second installment got officially released, it is still somewhat interesting to look forward to. As for the corrupted Fallen, there is a possibility they will be located on Nessus as featured in an early concept art. The latter showcased a crashed SIVA ship and if players were to look closely, they would notice the Exodus Black. It should be noted, however, that the location in the concept art was quite different as this was before the release of the sequel.

Nonetheless, if Bungie is to move forward with this pattern, SIVA will most likely take control of the aforementioned location.

Obviously, the studio will introduce it via a “Destiny 2” DLC (most likely the “Rasputin”) as it is the only logical move. While all of these are quite interesting, it is still best to take it with a grain of salt. The developers have yet to confirm, and there is still a possibility that they scrap everything about it.

What is SIVA anyway?

As per the official Wikia of “Destiny,” SIVA is a basically a Golden Age nanotechnology characterized by self-assembly and self-replication. It is the very technology the Clovis Bray company started, though it is initially meant for deep-space colonists. However, due to the inevitable involvement of the military branches, the original plan got mired.

A hundred years prior to the events of “Destiny,” SIVA was considered a serious threat to Humanity. The Iron Lords, in particular, sacrificed themselves (containing SIVA) just to save Humanity from total destruction.

Eventually, the Fallen House of Devils gained the capability of unearthing the threat in Old Russia. Their Splicers even utilized it to augment themselves significantly, thus making them stronger and more powerful.