Destiny 2” is finally here and so far the reception is quite overwhelming. There are already millions of players from around the world, and this figure is expected to increase because the game’s PC version has yet to arrive.

Apparently, players in “Destiny 2” are wondering what they can do next after reaching level 20. According to Polygon, Bungie just revealed the answer to this. There is no doubt it is going to excite every player out there.

Introducing Faction Rallies

The studio recently announced that on September 26 at 2 a.m. PT, the Faction Rallies would go live.

Here, players will be able to pledge themselves to one of the three factions. So how does this exactly go? It is actually simple. First, players must go to the Tower and talk to one of the three faction leaders. From there, they will be tasked to conduct various activities such as exploring Lost Sectors, joining Public Events, clearing raids, and even competing in the Crucible. They will then be able to earn faction tokens or exchange these for loot. It is definitely how things work in the original title, only there are more surprises.

Destiny 2” players will have until October 3 at 2 a.m. PT to obtain the aforementioned tokens. The winning faction will be announced on the same day at 10 a.m.

PT. Interestingly, though, joining the Faction Rallies event also means getting new sets of weapons. That is because the winning faction will be offered a special faction-themed weapon. If players pledged to the winning faction, they will be able to acquire the gun for a very easy 1,000 glimmer. But if they bet wrong, they need not worry.

They can still buy the gun from the winning faction. They just have to spend at least 50,000 glimmer to do so. They do not really have a choice anyway.

First raid beaten

Bungie announced before that raids in “Destiny 2” would be much harder compared to the original game. Although they did not share any specific details, they were confident about it.

Apparently, though, the first raid in the game was finally beaten by none other than the Legend Himself clan. They were the first group to beat that raid. In fact, the developers from the studio’s main headquarters in Seattle were cheering them. They themselves could not believe that a clan easily beat the first raid boss. Following that victory, the studio opted to unleash a brand new Crucible map and, as expected, a new player-versus-player mode also came.