Fans of Blizzard Entertainment’s team-based shooter quite passionate about anything related to “Overwatch” and its lore. Any new tidbit regarding the game is quickly snatched up and turned into memes and more. It seems that gamers discovered another gem as images of The Art of “Overwatch” artbook has been posted online.

The collection of artwork related to the popular shooter apparently contains character portraits as well as concepts of each hero before the team reached a final draft. Interestingly, the game’s community has set their attention on Mercy and one of her early designs, which have begun to flood the internet an social media.

‘Overwatch’ concept design shows a different Mercy

It appears that fans are very interested in a piece of Concept Art that suggests what could have been. Had the development team agreed upon Mercy’s earlier design, she would be an entirely different hero altogether. One of the preliminary sketches for the Swiss healer shows a muscular dark-skinned man with white hair tied into a ponytail. His outfit closely resembles the default combat suit worn by Angela Ziegler, but with a few differences. The design for his wing extensions and Caduceus staff is noticeably different from the final design.

Players have somehow become infatuated with the male version and have created several fan art of the hero.

These have been posted on social media platforms like Twitter and have been shared and liked by a large number of people. The Art of “Overwatch” is expected to launch anytime soon. Perhaps we can expect to see more early designs for other heroes that might just win the hearts of hardcore fans.

Community demand

Some users have suggested that the developer should consider making the male version of the healer a premium skin.

However, development of the new character model will take some time and more programming to update his hitbox. The developer is known for their tendency to give in to fan demand and it looks like this one might get even bigger.

Meanwhile, a new patch from Blizzard Entertainment has gone live. The new update includes some changes for Mercy and Lucio.

These balance tweaks reflect the latest PTR versions of the heroes, which retools the former’s Ultimate ability Valkyrie. Furthermore, a bug during the latter’s Wall Ride has been fixed as well. “Overwatch” is currently celebrating the Halloween Terror event, which is scheduled to last until November 1, 2017.