Just like the other weeks following its launch, “Destiny 2” follows a weekly refresh that mixes up the variables for players to accomplish. This week also marks the end of the first Iron Banner event, which was met with mixed reactions from veteran players of the sci-fi shooter. Guardians can continue their grind to earn more powerful gear by completing their weekly Milestones. Newcomers can take advantage of these tasks to quickly level up their characters for the end-game grind. Seasoned players can take on the Prestige Nightfall Strike to test their skills, but most players claim that the game mode is still bugged.

Prestige Nightfall Strike in ‘Destiny 2’

Last week, “Destiny 2” players took on The Inverted Spire with the modifiers Attrition and Killing Time. Now, the Prestige Nightfall Strike has rotated back to Exodus Crash with Prism and Time Warp Rings. This week’s modifiers would have players pay attention to the cycling energy burns in order to deal maximum damage against enemies. On the other hand, time can be extended by jumping through glowing rings across the map. Unfortunately, despite proper preparation, players apparently encounter a glitch that stops them from completing the mission.

There are areas within the Strike that will ideally spawn pulses for the player to collect. However, towards the end of the mission, these pulses do not appear.

Bungie has yet to issue a statement regarding the bug, which prevents players from proceeding further. Meanwhile, some players claim to have found a workaround to refresh the pulses. According to their instructions, players must locate a Dreg nearing the end of the area and kill it. Doing this reportedly sometimes causes the pulses to reappear, although the allotted time will have already gone down.

Fixing stuff one step at a time

Since the game launched, several reported bugs have already been addressed by the development team. It is to be expected given that the sequel is one of the biggest AAA games to be released this year. Gamers suspect the Prestige Nightfall Strike bug might require a little more effort to fix compared to some of the previous issues.

Bungie has always been known to swiftly take action based on reports or collective user feedback. For example, a recently reported glitch discovered allowed players to use the Bureaucratic Walk Emote to clip through walls. Some “Destiny 2” players actually exploited the aforementioned glitch to access the raid chests in the Leviathan raid solo. The developer quietly removed the Emote from the in-game store until further notice.