The month of October is already halfway through, but game developer Studio Wildcard has yet to announce a release date for "ARK: Survival Evolved's" upcoming DLC dubbed as "Aberration." However, the game studio is constant in rolling out some juicy intel about the inbound content as a new dossier has been released recently.

Enter the Rock Drake

The game maker recently posted an image of the "Aberration" creature and quite a number of players may already have an idea on what the specie is. The winged reptilian had been teased early on within the expansion's teaser trailer and if it were to base its features and color schemes, it is very much likely to be the Rock Drake.

Albeit having wing-like features, the Rock Drake only has gliding abilities as it was described during the DLC's announcement. The beast also has camouflaging capabilities and it may well seem to be tamable as it was stated that it can be ridden.

Fans might remember a couple of weeks back that Wildcard has teased a dossier which most of the player base believe that it could be the so-called Nameless Queen.

It was noted that it has a unique taming process that once successfully done, players can now have the option to impregnate enemies with "Alien"-like "chest-bursters."

'ARK' at TwitchCon

Meanwhile, "ARK" faithfuls within the Long Beach area can check out Studio Wildcard's booth at the upcoming TwitchCon that will run from the 20th until the 22nd of this month.

Fans can check out booth number 722 as Wildcard's Jat, Cedric, Jen, and a couple of "Ragnarok" developers will be present during the event.

Eye candy

The game maker also highlighted the enhancements they made to the title that are bound to drop for the Xbox One X. Per Wildcard's post, the Xbox One X version of "ARK" will be getting an HDR and a couple of graphics modes.

The upcoming visual enhancements include a Detailed Graphics version (1440p) with Truesky features at 30fps and a 1080p mode at 60fps. The recent "ARK" Crunch also stated that rentable servers for the Xbox console will be available on the 25th and these will be supplied by Nitrado. Players who wish to avail of these servers might want to check Nitrado's website for more information about server pricing and pre-order availability.

As mentioned, the release date for "ARK's" "Aberration" DLC is still undisclosed. However, rumor mills are suggesting that the expansion could be released on the 20th, though this has to be taken with pinches of salt. In the meantime, check out a video about "ARK: Survival Evolved" here: