Destiny 2” is finally here, and so far, it is doing great. Players from around the world love the sequel developed by Bungie. As expected, it arrived with a good number of new and interesting features.

According to Tank War Room, the Public Events are also present in the newly released title “Destiny 2.” This should give players the opportunity to work together and fight various enemies. Here is everything players need to know about the Public Events in the game.

How to unlock it?

For the Public Events to be unlocked, players must undergo certain challenges, or missions.

However, these challenges will often lead to a new one, such as the appearance of a boss. This is where they will have to work together as a team to defeat the boss and complete the challenge. Once they achieved it, the Heroic version of the event will be achieved.

Cabal Extraction

The main goal is to destroy even a single Cabal Thresher ship, which usually flies in and attacks players. Once this ship is destroyed, a larger Cabal unit will appear. This is where players must take it down in order to make the Public Event a Heroic Public Event

Fallen Glimmer

Here, “Destiny 2” players must kill the Extractors. But if they wish to really turn it into a Heroic Public Event, they need to locate first a little machine that is tapping Glimmer out of the main event.

To prevent it from doing so, players must destroy it. Afterwards, they can proceed with either defending or defeating enemies.

Cabal Injection Rig

This event is where players must fight within a, so-called, “thunderdome” arena. They will take on high-valued targets that are often difficult to eliminate. But to turn this into heroic, players must prioritize killing the Psions.

They will then have to shoot the vents that open up on the injection rig. Destroy at least three sets of them to trigger the Heroic version of the event.

Spider Tank

Similar to the first game, this “Destiny 2” event lets players take down an enemy Spider Tank Walker. But for this to become a Heroic Public Event, players must remember, first, how the creature works.

Basically, when a leg is destroyed, a few orbs will immediately appear. Players just need to take these orbs to the barriers that are installed around the arena in order to unlock the Shock Cannons within. Once the barriers are unlocked, another Tank Walker will appear. Just repeat the process until the Heroic event appears.

Witches’ Ritual

First, players must remove their shields. This can be done by simply standing right next to the Hex circles. Afterwards, they will have to destroy the crystals while standing. Doing so will unlock the Heroic event and, more importantly, spawn a Knight that players will have to defeat.

Vex Construction

This is where players must ensure that they stand in each of the three circles -- all of which are situated in the Vex Construction event.

Once they do this, they will be able to capture the point. However, for the Heroic Public Event to be achieved, players must get to this circles as soon as they can.

Fallen Ether

Here, every single Servitor in “Destiny 2” must be killed. Once done, Ghost, or another ally, will eventually prompt that the massive Servitor is somehow looking differently. That is because it is far more powerful.

Taken Blight

This Public Event has a simple requirement: jumping in and out of in the smaller Blights. It is worth noting that the latter are located near the larger ones. Once players do this, they will receive buff, that will allow them to damage the main Bligh heavily. Once an acceptable damage is achieved, a powerful boss will appear.

This boss must be killed in order to trigger the Heroic Public Event.

First Game Events vs Sequel

First and foremost, both of the titles offer a unique and interesting gameplay in terms of events. However, Bungie specifically developed the Public Events in "Destiny 2" to be more complex and compelling. This is why they are far more engaged and involved compared to the events from the first game. But while they differ, in one way or another, the whole idea of the events is still the same. There will be challenges, and for players to obtain their respective Heroic events, they must defeat these challenges. Otherwise, they will not be able to trigger said event version.

Legend Himself

In related "Destiny 2" news, Bungie was surprised after a clan finally managed to beat the first raid in the game.

It is none other than the Legend Himself, who claimed the victorious siege. The group, which was composed of six members, first found it hard to defeat the boss. But after a few minutes of hit and run, they finally managed to tackle the enemy and eliminate it. The studio was reportedly surprised, as they did not expect for such an event to happen. The victory of the clan forced the company to release a brand new Crucible map. This so-called call will introduce yet another player-versus-player mode.

It cannot be denied that the sequel has already surpassed the first game. In fact, in an initial report from Activision, the player count of the game is over 1.2 million. This is quite fascinating considering that the figure only controls the console players. That is because the PC platform has yet to receive the game.

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