“Destiny 2” continues to receive a host of new content and changes, two weeks after its initial release on Xbox One, PS4, and Windows PC. This week, Bungie is set to implement a brand new hotfix that will introduce several fixes again.

Because of this, the studio announced the server downtime in preparation for the release of the next patch. The hotfix will be completed and live with servers running by 12:00 p.m. PDT on October 3.

New hotfix preview

The hotfix to be deployed on Tuesday will contain various tweaks to address several issues currently experienced by a lot of players.

The reported problems include the following:

  • Players could lose access to the VTE by deleting characters
  • Clan engrams would grant Trials of the Nine and raid rewards at only 10 Power
  • Progress for the Exotic Quest Step "His Highness's Seal" was not incrementing properly
  • Raid milestones would not show for some players after the weekly reset, though this didn’t affect raid rewards
  • Players could enter a state where they are continuously killed or not able to resurrect if encounter complete and failure events occurred simultaneously

Note that all the issues cited above will be fixed by the time hotfix goes live on Tuesday. In addition, the Quest progress will still increase by 1, however, the Quest Step will require 10 collected Seals.

Server downtime schedule

The maintenance period is set on October 3 and Bungie detailed to release the exact time of the downtown time in preparation for the next update. The maintenance will begin at exactly 8:00 a.m. PDT and players will no longer be able to login.

At 9:00 a.m. PDT, all players will be removed from all activities, so it is advised that gamers should complete the raid and Nightfall activities prior to this specific time to do away with a Cabal victory.

The maintenance will end on 12:00 p.m. PDT and it is expected that "Destiny 2" servers will be back online by then.

Weapon tweaks

Moreover, players can expect some changes on the in-game weapons, specifically on MIDA Multi-tools soon. In a new blog, Bungie senior designer John Weisnewski told the Guardians the studio received its first batch of player data from its analytics team.

He did not want to spoil any detail yet on weapons or abilities tuning. However, Weisnewski confirmed that the space shooter title will get updates that “tune the sandbox experience.”

He added that the development team knows about the popularity of MIDA Multi-Tools and it is giving an ample attention to it. The game is only in its first month and it means players are still filling up their arsenal of weapons. Bungie has a lot of guns that are not in the game, so, it is exciting to see how things pan out.

"Destiny 2” is an online-only multiplayer FPS video game currently available on Xbox One, PS4, and Windows PC.