It appears that “The Sims 4: Laundry Day Stuff” development is making a smooth progress towards its release sometime next year. Maxis has recently offered a preview of the animated clothesline and the modified pack icon.

As the final survey for the pack icon concluded in mid-September, the Sims team newly dropped a glimpse at how the development of the Eco-living inspired stuff pack is going so far.

Gameplay objects preview

On Tuesday, game producer Graham Nardone, who is popularly known to simmers as SimGuruGraham, teased a preview of the “Laundry Day Stuff” animated clothesline in his official Twitter account.

If one looks closely at the GIF image, the clothes are subtly swaying with the wind blow. From the looks of it, the latest preview suggests that the development team is done developing these specific objects.

Most fans agreed with SimGuruGraham that indeed it is relaxing to watch the clothes dry from the rustic line. They seemed to love the little details on the development and showed their excitement for the release of the stuff pack.

Release date

Speaking of release, one fan asked the game producer if “The Sims 4: Laundry Day Stuff” will be out before Cats And Dogs expansion pack.

But just like what was revealed before, Nardone said it will not be launched until 2018.

It was reported earlier that Maxis will no longer release any stuff pack within the last quarter of 2017.

The Toddler stuff pack launched in August is the last for this year, apparently.

In the final quarter, the Sims team will mostly focus on the incoming "Cats and Dogs" expansion pack for PC and Mac OS version on November 10. Also, the main game is bound to hit Xbox One and PS4 on November 17.

Cupcake icon tweaked

In addition to the animated clothesline teaser photo, Maxis also shared another good news with TS4 fans.

Based on their feedback, the studio has now tweaked the official laundry basket pack icon.

Apparently, shortly after the voting period, it was tagged by many as “cupcake” icon because it looked like one. Players requested that the team should consider tweaking it a bit more.

In the image above, SimGuruGraham showed the side-by-side comparison of the new vs. old icon, with the tweaked one on the left. Now, the laundry basket has a more obvious handle in the new icon. Fans commented that it looks much better than the concept that won the last poll.

"Laundry Day Stuff" is the 13th stuff pack bound for release in 2018. Majority of the simmers from around the world voted that the pack will revolve around eco-living as overall theme and laundry as the official gameplay feature.