As the month of October begins, fans of "Overwatch" are expecting for a Halloween event, especially after the fun and exciting summer event. To recall, last year's Halloween event for Blizzard FPS "Overwatch" was successful at releasing new maps, exclusive skins, and other amazing loot for its gamers.

Leaked image

This year, fans can expect another Halloween event, as revealed by a Reddit user. The post shows alleged promotional art for the game. Aside from that, it also reveals the date when the festivities will launch which is on Oct. 9. The leaked poster also reveals a $20 gift card for Xbox One and says that once you buy an "Overwatch" balance card, you can unlock Halloween skins, sprays, and more.

It adds that you can also buy PlayStation or Xbox balance cards for loot boxes on the console.

Usually, Blizzard would make an official announcement a day before an event. Hence, many are not surprised that there isn't any news of a Halloween event yet. But with the leaked details on Reddit, it appears that the wait is now over. However, the poster may also mean that the official start of the event is on Oct. 10 with an announcement slated on Oct. 9.

Along with the poster is a placeholder post that says "10/9/17 Overwatch GME POSA Spinner Header Card." Fans of the game need to take this news with a grain of salt since it isn't an official announcement from Blizzard yet.

Words from the game director

In other news, "Overwatch" game director Jeff Kaplan recently talked about the development of the game in a forum.

Kaplan shared a thought-provoking post wherein he mentioned the amount of dedication and love that the developers put into the game. His lengthy post shows that the developers are not machines, but are humans who put their heart and soul into what they are doing.

It is their goal to create an amazing experience for the gamers.

He said that they work as a team and they created something together that they believe in. He also stipulated that their names and careers are at stake, which is one reason why they work every waking hour.

Kaplan also said that the feedback from the community matters. He added that when he is unable to post, it doesn't mean that they are not doing their work. To wrap up his statement, he said that they appreciate feedback that is expressed in an open, direct, and constructive way.

He also acknowledged the fact that the players' feedback has helped to make the game great. On behalf of the team, he said that they love being part of the community and that they do not want to be viewed as separate from it.