Square Enix, the game developer behind the hotly anticipated “Kingdom Hearts 3,” brings some exciting reveal this week that surely delights the loyal fans awaiting the video game series.

Less than three months before the action role-playing game hits the shelves early next year, the development team has announced fresh details on the game’s voice cast. Also, game enthusiasts get to take a sneak peek at the enchanting Kingdom of Corona, home to the beloved Disney Princess Rapunzel.

'Big Hero 6' original voice cast announced

Amid the hype surrounding the upcoming launch of “Kingdom Hearts 3,” Square Enix confirmed on Twitter that the game features the original voice cast from the animated film “Big Hero 6.” This announcement pleased the fans of Disney’s 2014 blockbuster hit movie.

Actor Ryan Potter lends his voice again to the lead character Hiro Yamada while Scott Adsit returns to voice Baymax. Other cast members who reprise their roles in the game include Jamie Chung as Go Go Tomago, Genesis Rodriguez as Honey Lemon, and Khary Payton as Wasabi No-Ginger.

The magical Kingdom of Corona unveiled

Meanwhile, the development team attended this year’s Lucca Comics & Games with a nice surprise in mind for fans who have been impatiently waiting to get their hands on the third main title of the KH series.

It appears that Square Enix picked the annual comic book and gaming convention held in Lucca, Italy over the weekend to unveil a lengthy look at the magical world of "Tangled," a 2011 Disney animated film.

The trailer shows Sora, Donald, and Goofy discover Rapunzel’s tower and meet the blonde heroine together with Flynn Rider.

It also offers a piece of the action as the trio team up with Rapunzel to fight off strange plant creatures in this magical land.

Square Enix previously confirmed other worlds that will appear in the game include Andy’s Room from “Toy Story,” Monstropolis from “Monsters Inc.,” the Olympus Coliseum from “Hercules, and Port Royal from the “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

New Tangled trailer excites many fans

So far, the new “Tangled” trailer has been viewed more than 400,000 times, with over 2,000 comments from fans on YouTube.

Most, if not all of them, expressed their excitement about playing “Kingdom Hearts 3” soon after five long years since its first announcement at E3 2013.

One commenter took notice of the amazing graphics shown in the latest teaser. Another fan said although the new "Kingdom Hearts 3" trailer is short, it pays homage to the Disney movie spiced up with some of the game's flavor.

Check out the "Tangled" trailer below: