Kingdom Hearts 3 is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated titles coming in 2018. 2017 is almost over and it means fans are getting closer to play the next installment in the popular RPG series.

Game developer Square Enix confirmed that “Kingdom Hearts 3” will definitely be out next year, pending any possible delay. An exact release date has not been announced yet, although the development team showed off a couple of gameplay trailers that revealed the "Toy Story" as a new world and other important gameplay details earlier this year.

Gameplay details remain scarce

However, not much is known about the upcoming title almost four years after its first announcement in 2013. It is rather obvious that game enthusiasts crave to hear more about the third main entry in the “Kingdom Hearts” franchise.

Luckily enough, game director Tetsuya Nomura recently offered a snippet of new updates pertaining to the ongoing development of the game.

Characters’ appearances in progress

Fansite KH13 reported that director Nomura shared more exciting details during the celebration of the series' 15th Anniversary Commemorative Campaign Preview Night. The special event was held at the Square Enix Café Osaka just recently.

He discussed the game’s elements that are currently being worked on and still somewhere in stages of production at this point.

Particularly, these involve the development of characters and the costumes.

Nomura revealed that the young Xehanort and Xemnas, for example, are not yet fully finished. Specifically, the character designers are still working on the facial appearances of these two characters.

Character costumes being worked on

Interestingly, the game director further teased fans a little more regarding the costumes for the game’s fan favorite characters.

He said that both Kairi and Riku’s costumes will have hoods. However, this element is also in progress.

In addition, he gave details about Sora’s height, which is 160 cm. while Xenahort stands at 180 cm. He added that the game protagonist’s birthday falls on the character’s debut, similar to other Disney characters.

From the looks of it, these bits of information hint that the game may still take some time before it finally arrives, perhaps late next year.

However, it seems the game is very much making a smooth progress to make it in time for a 2018 launching.

Earlier, Nomura asked fans to stay tuned for additional information regarding “Kingdom Hearts 3” that could be possibly revealed before 2017 ends. The upcoming RPG is slated for release on Xbox One and PS4 platforms.