Lately, Blizzard has been introducing various changes on “Overwatch” Public Test Realm. Some of these changes were even geared towards hero rework and skill tweak. While most of them are interesting, others are simply a bit of a stretch. Either way, all will agree that these changes are for the betterment of the shooter-themed title.

According to DBLTap, it cannot be denied that the changes made on Mercy and D.Va give players a new way of playing them. D.Va now has missiles while Mercy is more equipped for combat. Even so, there are still various reworks that need to be implemented in “Overwatch.”

Below are just some of them.

Sombra’s Opportunist

Most people might not have noticed, but Sombra has a passive ability. This allows her to see opponents whose health points are around 50 percent. This gives her the advantage of focusing her firepower towards them without getting noticed. While it is working efficiently for her, it is still a bit lackluster. That is because she still needs to find a safe route towards the enemies. Unlike Hanzo, Sombra is more effective in close-range combat, making the entire set-up a bit tricky.

Pharah’s Concussive Blast

When it comes to knocking enemies off a point or map, Pharah’s Concussive Blast is a killer. She can easily use it to boop opponents whenever they are on a bridge, like the one in Lijiang Tower.

However, the skill defeats the purpose of her missiles. Remember that using these projectiles from afar is quite a struggle. Most players find it hard to hit enemies directly. Perhaps Blizzard can change Concussive Blast, allowing it rather to immobilize targets. That way, Pharah can just hit enemies more efficiently.

McCree’s Combat Roll

In most cases, McCree can bail out from tight situations in “Overwatch” simply by using his Combat Roll. He can also use it to get into the heat of the battle and help his team advance or defend. But while the skill somehow gives him the much-needed mobility, it still lacks. It is nothing but a necessary skill for escape.

Unlike Genji’s Swift Strike, Combat Roll does not give McCree damage or even ability boost. Perhaps Blizzard can do the latter. Whenever McCree uses this skill, his abilities are somehow empowered. For instance, once it is used, his damage will be increased even at a small percentage. Besides, McCree had yet to receive a major rework since the game’s launching last year.

Reaper’s Shadow Step

It cannot be denied, though, that Reaper’s Shadow Step in “Overwatch” is very useful. It allows him to either escape or flank, though most players use it for the former. However, the ability’s cast time requires a couple of second before it gets activated while its range is somehow limited. If Blizzard wants, they can give the skill a major overhaul.