The Xbox One X is the latest addition to the wide variety of consoles available in the market today. The latest Microsoft system is believed to be the most powerful gaming console ever created, and it can run all games at a native 4K resolution. While the PS4 Pro console also offers players the same ability, it does not let gamers play a game at 60 fps at that resolution. Recently, Microsoft announced that it would be adding Keyboard And Mouse support to the Xbox One X console.

What does the new support mean for the console?

While the mouse and keyboard support essentially means that players will be able to use these peripherals in place of the controllers that the console normally comes with.

So, a player who is used to playing on the PC can easily adapt to the Xbox One X, as they will not have to practice using the controllers if they do not wish to. In such a case, the player can directly connect the keyboard and mouse to ensure that they can play in the same way that they used to regard a PC.

However, the addition of mouse and keyboard support also creates a problem for some competitive games. Multiplayer games have always been easier to play using a keyboard and a mouse than it is using a controller. So, adding support for these peripherals would likely mean that those playing on the keyboard and mouse will get an unfair advantage over those who play on regular controllers.

This is an issue which even Microsoft addressed while announcing the keyboard and mouse support.

It said that individual game developers would decide whether they wish to allow or prohibit keyboard/mouse players from competing against those playing on controllers. If one particular developer studio feels that they do not wish to let keyboard/mouse players compete, they can stop them from doing so.

Disappointing preorders for Xbox One X

According to analyst Michael Pachter, the Xbox One X console will likely sell over 1 million units by the end of 2017. While the number sure does sound impressive, Pachter reveals that it may not be so. He feels that 1 million units would be sold including the holiday season when the sales are expected to be the highest.

So, for a new console to sell just million units throughout the entire holiday season does not indicate a tremendous sales rate. He also indicated that the console would be in short supply, so those that did not preorder it would likely not be able to get their hands on the system anytime soon.