Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2” were originally released a few years back on different platforms. While the former was first introduced on the 3DS, the second game arrived on home consoles, along with the PS Vita. This spin-off series deviated from the action-packed mainline games and introduced returning characters from the franchise. Capcom had previously stated that these two games are coming to the Switch, and now they have finally announced the release date.

Horror comes to the Nintendo Switch

According to Siliconera, Both “Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2” will be coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year.

Both games will simultaneously release on November 28 in North America, while it will release two days later in Japan. Fans can choose to buy the retail version priced at $39.99 which will contain both titles. However, take note that only the first game is included on a cartridge while the second title will be provided via a downloadable voucher. Alternatively, you can also choose to buy the games separately on the eShop for $20 each. All previous add-ons and DLC are included with the game as well.

The Switch versions of the games will utilize the Joy-Con control scheme along with motion controls. The right Joy-Con can be used to aim, reload, shoot your weapon, and use your knife. The left Joy-Con, on the other hand, allows you to break free from enemies if you’ve been grabbed.

Similarly, Capcom will also be making use of the HD Rumble feature. That aside, the Raid Mode can be played online with others or local co-operative play.

Gold Edition

Moving on, “Resident Evil 7” will also get re-released for consoles and PC as the Gold Edition. According to Gematsu, this version will be available both physically and digitally this December 12 and will contain all the previously released DLC.

Moreover, this version will come with the last two upcoming DLC: “Not A Hero,” and “End of Zoe.” The former will follow series protagonist Chris Redfield that will delve further into the plot. Meanwhile, “End of Zoe” will continue Zoe’s adventure after the main game and will include new areas and enemies to fight.

While these two DLC will be included in the Gold Version, they can also be purchased separately for $14.99 each.

Both titles are also fully playable in VR, meaning they will still have the first-person perspective, just like with the main game. Those who want to buy the seventh game can get a copy for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.