Bungie's latest game “Destiny 2” is finally out. However, its server is temporarily down after an unexpected system error. With this, players have to keep waiting a bit longer before they can play the game.

'Destiny 2' server suffers system error

According to several posts in Bungie Forum, the server for "Destiny 2" is temporally close. It all started when the server for developer Bungie’s latest sci-fi game went live while thousands of fans fired up their Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 all at once. This eventually lead to a system error.

Bungie confirmed via its official social media account that players could to wait in a queue before they can start playing.

However, the game’s notification showed that the game is reaching its capacity. In the mean time, Bungie has not yet posted any updates regarding the latest sequel's capacity problems.

Everything players should know about 'Destiny 2'

The previous sequel for "Destiny 2" involves shooting alien throughout the solar system and other features that players are familiar with. In the latest series, the game's developers have made many changes. For example, the game will send players to the forested European Dead Zone instead of Russia when it comes to exploring the region Earth.

A report published in GameSpot also revealed that the players do not need to go to the Orbit in between destination and other activities.

The “Director” will allow players to go straight from one destinaton to another. The game also features Sparrows, a commonplace where fans can receive their early story mission.

In using the in-game map, "Destiny 2" will allow players to start with just one spawn point for an entire destination with its fast travel system. The players cal also unlock other landing zones.

Hence, instead of flying the player’s Sparrow all the way to the other side of the European Dead Zone, players can teleport there immediately.

The classes offered in the latest "Destiny" did not change from the previous sequel. It will still include Warlock, Titan, and Hunter. However, the game gives three new subclasses which are the Dawnblade Warlock, Sentinel Titan, and Arcstrider Hunter.

Furthermore, there will be additional subclasses; such as the Void Warlock, Striker Titan, and Gunslinger Hunter. The game’s subclasses still have skill trees. However, the layouts are completely different, as the trees let the players choose between two class abilities and two groups’ common abilities.

When it comes to its price, the latest sequel’s Digital Deluxe Edition will cost around $99.99. This package includes three digital items such as legendary sword, legendary emote, and Cabal Empire-themed emblem. The physical Limited Edition, on the other hand, is also available at the same rate. This edition contains Steelbook case inside the Cabal-themed and four physical items. Finally, there is Collector’s Edition that costs around $249.99, and it comes with two exclusive physical items.