Niantic Labs assured "Pokemon Go" fans earlier this year that three major updates would be introduced in the game -- including Legendary pocket monsters, Pvp, and Trading. So far, players are enjoying the activities that Niantic Labs has released, along with the arrival of Legendaries in the game.

Trading and the PvP are not yet available in the popular augmented reality game, and fans are wondering if these features will make it to the game this year. Fortunately, it appears that the surprises Niantic Labs has been giving to players have not yet ended.

Future plans

In a recent interview with the Pokemon Company chief executive officer Tsunekazu Ishihara, it was revealed that more surprises are coming to “Pokemon Go” players. In his interview with Bloomberg, the CEO talked about the future of the popular augmented reality game. Among the big plans revealed are the Trading and the PvP. Ishihara, unfortunately, did not reveal the details of the features’ arrival in the game.

Instead, he classified these as top priorities that he thinks will play vital roles in bringing significant gaming experiences to players. The chief executive officer further revealed that the team has only accomplished ten percent of the ideal plan. He added that, in the future, the team will include fundamental experiences in the augmented reality game, namely Trading and Peer-to-Peer Battles, along with other possibilities.

In the works

A couple of months ago, Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke also discussed the Trading and the PvP features of the game. According to him, there were several issues during the launch of the game that forced them to move several features back. This includes the highly anticipated PvP and Trading. However, he noted that they are still working hard to have these features introduced in the game soon.

Legendary Raids glitch

Meanwhile, several players are frustrated by the recent glitch they are experiencing in the game, particularly in the Legendary Raids. It appears that this glitch bars players from battling against Legendary Beasts like Raikou, Suicune, and Entei. The bug appears to have stemmed from the recent update that was rolled out in the game.

Players discovered that the update has caused a slew of issues, including those related to loading image assets.

This includes the game failing to load the 3D assets of the Legendary Beasts. Upon trying to enter the Raid, the game times out barring the player from joining the raid. Several players have tried resetting the “Pokemon Go” app, however, it does not work and the bug just won’t get fixed.