PayPal has been a pretty nifty way of making purchases online as it acts as an electronic bank. Consumers can transfer their money and use the service for digital purchases. While the service has been a bit limited when it comes to paying, they’ve finally partnered up with Nintendo to make it easier for players to make purchases. Those who have a Nintendo Switch can now make digital purchases through their PayPal account’s balance.

More ways to pay

According to Tech Crunch, the Nintendo Eshop now accepts PayPal as a valid source of payment, so you can link your account and pay for future purchases using your online balance.

However, you’re out of luck if you own a Wii U or 3DS as this method is only supported for the Nintendo Switch. So now, whenever you’re thinking of buying online, you can use your credit card or PayPal account. If you have kids, you can store credit in their account, so they won’t have to touch your credit card, so that’s something to keep in mind. This feature is now available in the Americas, Canada, and 31 European countries.

Still missing features in the app

Despite the addition of PayPal, the Nintendo Switch is still missing a lot of important features. Firstly, the company has yet to announce an official web browser for the home console. All modern game consoles from the PS4 down to the 3DS all have their integrated browsers, so it’s still rather odd to see that the Switch still lacks that option.

While it might not be your main browsing option, it’s an excellent way to look up some quick information when you’re in a game.

Moreover, basic streaming services like Netflix and YouTube are also missing. YouTube itself is pretty much a common app nowadays as you can look up gameplay videos or quick tips if you’re in a hurry.

Netflix would also make the perfect streaming service on the Switch as you can easily watch it on the big screen and transfer to the tablet mode if someone uses the TV. These apps are top-rated, and there’s no doubt it would help entice casual consumers to buy Nintendo’s console.

However, they have yet to comment if or when these apps will officially carry over to their hybrid console.

In spite of this, it still seems like the company is trying their best to expand the options for the Switch (as evident by the PaPal partnership), so maybe we’ll hear some news about it shortly. Until then, you can start making online purchases with your PayPal account.